Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 79

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 79 – Madeline smiled. When she was about to leave, she saw Jeremy looking over at her. “Come have breakfast.”


Madeline stopped in her tracks in disbelief.

When had he ever talked to her in such a gentle tone and when had she ever eaten alone with him, especially when it was such a heartfelt breakfast?

“Madam, your breakfast is ready.” Mrs. Hughes smiled at Madeline benevolently.

After hesitating, Madeline walked over.

She looked at the dining table. There were bowls of cereal and plates of toasts along with some of Mrs. Hughes’ homemade bread. Madeline liked this spread of typical breakfast food.

“Sit here.” Jeremy pulled out the chair next to him.

Glancing at him, she said, “No, it’s too near. I’m afraid that I might d***y you, Mr. Whitman.”

Then, she sat down opposite Jeremy.

Jeremy’s face went dark immediately. It was as if a storm was coming.

Seeing this, she felt nervous. She lowered her head to eat her cereal and did not say anything.

Jeremy looked at her nervous face and scoffed. “You’re so unwilling to stay with your husband now. Can’t wait to see that man, huh?”

That man?

Madeline stopped in her tracks. She lifted her head in confusion and her eyes coincidentally met Jeremy’s.

“Madeline, didn’t you say you’ll only love me in this lifetime? Is your lifetime over now?”

He was mocking her and had succeeded by a lucky s****e.

Madeline took a bite of her toast and said mischievously, “Yeah, my life is almost over.”

When he heard her answer, the last remaining trace of sarcasm in his eyes disappeared.

“So you’re admitting to having fallen in love with another man?” Jeremy asked in a cold voice.

Madeline tugged the corner of her pink lips. “I guess.”

“Madeline Crawford! You…”

Madeline felt that Jeremy was about to flip out when the doorbell rang just in time.

Mrs. Hughes opened the door and Meredith came sashaying in.

“Jeremy, why didn’t you come to find me last night…” Before Meredith could finish her sentence, her tone changed.

Madeline could see Meredith’s face change from afar. The woman obviously looked like she was about to burst, but she still forced out a contorted smile on her face. “Maddie, w-why are you here?”

Madeline looked at the man who was eating his breakfast and grinned cheerily at Meredith. “Miss Two-faced, what are you talking about? This is my house. Am I wrong to eat breakfast with my own husband?”

“…” The look in Meredith’s eyes changed. She held her purse tighter in her hands, the veins on the back of her hands protruding. It was obvious how mad she was. However, she was still great at acting. She walked over to Jeremy with an aggrieved look on her face. “Jeremy, should I not show up? I think Maddie is jealous again.”

Madeline put down her utensils and got up. “You look like someone had just punched you in the face. Just look at you. Your features are all squeezed together.”

“…” The corner of Meredith’s lips twitched in anger.

“I’m full. Take your time flirting with each other.”

“Where are you going?” Jeremy called out to her.

“I’m going to work, of course.” Madeline smiled. “I’m not like those wealthy women out there who can spend their days having afternoon tea and shopping.”

Jeremy frowned and walked over to Madeline. “I’ll drive you.”