Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 78

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 78 – Jeremy stared at Madeline intensely with his brows furrowed together. The raging fire in his eyes seemed to disappear in an instant.

He lowered his body to get close to her. Then, he pushed the strands of her stray hair away from her forehead. His tone was unprecedentedly gentle when he said, “You said that you were pregnant with my child before you get i**********d. How did you lose the child?”

It would be fine if he had not asked her. The moment he asked her, the unhealed wound in Madeline’s heart was split open. Blood started pouring out from it profusely.

She looked at Jeremy who asked her this question all of a sudden in amusement. “Just like you said, Mr. Whitman. She’s d**d, so why bother asking? Would she come back to life?”

“Madeline, answer me.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline who had a fake smile on her face. Her heart was being clamped tightly by an invisible pair of pliers.

“Mr. Whitman, you’re such an expert at sprinkling salt on someone else’s wound.” Madeline smiled sarcastically, her red eyes drenched with tears. She could not see Jeremy’s face anymore. “Jeremy, it’s been so many years. I can get past you yelling at me, hurting me, or hating me. However, do you know what’s the cruelest thing you’ve ever done to me?

“You give me the hope of waiting. However, in the end, it turned out it was all my wishful thinking, and this entire time, I was showering affection on an uninterested party. You’re the one calling out another woman’s name when we’re in bed. And it was also you who hired people to induce labor on our premature child before turning her into ashes.”

After she said that, she felt the air around her plummeting into silence.

She could clearly hear her and Jeremy’s hearts beating. They were beating slowly with no particular rhythm. Of course, how would his heartbeat be in sync with hers?

She allowed her tears to drench the pillow as she remembered the promise they made when they were young and innocent. Madeline smiled bitterly and sobbed. “Jeremy, I won’t deny that I still have feelings for you and I’m still obsessed with you. However, these feelings aren’t love anymore, but rather, it’s hate.

“Jeremy Whitman, I hate you!” she repeated. Her previous obsession and unforgettable memories had all crashed and burnt.

If there was still anything she could not part with nor forget, it was the naivety and innocence that she used to have. She had believed naively when he said he would take her as his bride…

Madeline closed her eyes in exhaustion. She was tired. She was so tired that she did not want to love anymore.

Jeremy, in a trance-like state, looked at Madeline who was not looking at him any longer. He felt as if a million needles were stabbing his heart at the same time. He had never felt as uncomfortable as this before.

He turned around lifelessly and lay down next to her. His hands reached over and held Madeline’s body inch by inch. However, it was as if he was unable to warm her up despite putting his skin against hers.

When Madeline was about to fall asleep, she heard Jeremy say in her ear, “Madeline, stop lying to yourself. You still love me.”

Did she?

Madeline asked herself and fell asleep tiredly. She was back in her childhood days in her dream.

The beach, shells, and the boy who ran with his back toward her on the beach.

However, this beautiful memory had turned into a wound that could not be healed. It was never going to recover or heal.

The next morning, Madeline’s biological clock woke her up on time.

She remembered what happened last night and could not help but feel a pain in her heart. However, after that, she felt ironic and pathetic.

The culprit who made her all battered and bruised had asked her that question pretentiously.

Madeline got out of bed and cleaned up. She put on some light makeup to hide her haggardness.

She thought the clothes and necessities in this room would have been replaced by Meredith’s things long ago. However, Madeline found out that nothing had changed in the closet. Her clothes from three years ago were still hanging in there neatly.

She was stuck in a daze for a moment. Then, she grabbed random pieces of clothing and put them on before going downstairs.

When she went downstairs, she saw Jeremy in the living room.

“You’re awake.” His voice was devoid of all temperature.

Madeline smiled with her lips pressed tightly together. “Were you expecting me to sleep forever, Mr. Whitman?”

Clank! Madeline saw Jeremy throwing his spoon in agitation.

Had she crossed him again?