Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 770

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 770 – Madeline ended her warning unceremoniously before hanging up the phone. She even blacklisted Felicity’s number.

She stopped the car and handed the phone over with a serious expression.

“Jeremy, you’re my husband now. Don’t interact with other women anymore or I’ll be unhappy.”

“Don’t be unhappy. I can promise you that.” His answer sounded unpleasant, even reluctant, but he agreed very readily.

Madeline was satisfied with this answer. She brought Jeremy to Adam’s clinic. Adam did several checks on Jeremy and did not find any problems with Jeremy’s body. Moreover, Jeremy’s physique was very good compared to ordinary people.

Adam also gave Jeremy a psychological evaluation and they all showed that he had no problems.

With this, Adam could not start treating Jeremy. As such, Madeline had to take him away first.

As they passed a red light on the way back, Madeline could not help but stare at a flower shop outside the car window in a daze. Following that, she heard the sound of the car door opening. When she looked back, she saw Jeremy getting out of the car and leaving.

Madeline thought Jeremy did not want to stay with her and wanted to look for Felicity instead, but then she saw him entering the flower shop. Not long after, Jeremy returned with a bouquet of pink and blue baby’s breath.

“Do you like this flower?” He gave her the baby’s breath.

Madeline’s heart instantly felt sweet and sour.

Even though Jeremy had somehow forgotten her because of another’s tampering, it seemed that he still subconsciously remembered to love her and be nice to her.

On the other end, Meredith could not find Jeremy and her number had been blacklisted. She was distressed when she suddenly received a call from Felipe. He was here to confirm whether she had obtained the marriage certificate with Jeremy.

Meredith did not dare to say that she had not, so she repeatedly said she had settled it.

Felipe seemed satisfied with this answer, and at the same time, he ordered Meredith to get Jeremy to hold a wedding with her as soon as possible.

Meredith did not know what Felipe was planning for next, but she promised it all. How could she dare refuse?

After the call was hung up, Meredith became angrier and angrier.

She was just one step away from Mrs. Whitman’s throne but she did not expect that Madeline would take the lead.

She would never give up and compromise like this.

The enmity and jealousy that had accumulated in her heart over the past few years were burning in her heart. In any case, she would destroy Madeline and never let her live happily with Jeremy for the rest of her life.

Meredith rolled her eyes before smiling suddenly.

She had thought of a good way to make her the apple of Jeremy’s eye once and for all.

It was dark now, and Madeline had brought Jeremy to have a simple dinner near Glendale University. She then walked around the campus side by side with him.

“Jeremy, did you know that I used to follow you secretly and walk the paths you did?”

“You don’t look like someone who would do such silly things.” Jeremy’s voice sounded cold, but his tone was joking.

At this time, a pair of young lovers ran past them, chasing each other and playing around. The girl had accidentally run into Madeline and Jeremy instinctively reached out to grab Madeline, who had almost fallen, into his arms.

She raised his eyes to look at him as he looked down at her. The moment their eyes faced each other, there seemed to be the same tingling sensation that had surged years ago on the apex of their hearts.

“Jeremy, it doesn’t matter if you’ve forgotten me, but you must believe me. You must remember that your Linnie would never lie to you.”

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s eyes as if bewitched and nodded meekly. “I believe you.”

An hour later, Madeline sent Jeremy back to the villa.

She had decided to head back to Montgomery Manor to pack up some things before officially moving back to this house the next day.

As soon as she left the gates of the villa, however, a figure suddenly appeared next to her. The man was holding a drugged wet wipe and had covered Madeline’s mouth.

Madeline also heard a familiar nightmarish voice in her ears. “One Eveline is enough for this world! Go to h**l!”

Although Madeline’s consciousness had begun to fade, she was still very tenacious. She broke free from the man’s imprisoning arms and shouted, “Jeremy, save me!”