Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 761

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 761 – Madeline’s throat clamped as she stared at the lean and jaded figure. “Jeremy?”

Madeline stared at the features in shock, the heavy feeling in her chest dissipating.

There was surprise in Jeremy’s eyes as well when he looked back at her.

“You’re really alright, Jeremy!” Madeline ran toward him, her hands reaching out to hold his before she realized.

Feeling the warmth of his hands, Madeline relaxed.

At that moment, Madeline knew that there would not be anything more important than Jeremy being alive and well.

Jeremy stared at Madeline who was clutching his hands excitedly. Beautiful as her smiling appearance was, the woman had tears in her eyes.

“You look a lot like the person I like, miss,” he spoke, the baritone of his voice as magnetic and alluring as she had remembered.

Madeline thought that Jeremy was joking with her when he slowly removed his hands from her grasp. He asked faintly, “Do you recognize me?”


Madeline was confused by Jeremy’s question. Was he doing this on purpose? He had no reason to make such a joke, though.

“What are you saying, Jeremy? Don’t you recognize me? It’s Linnie.”


Jeremy rolled the words in his mouth as his gaze turned cold. “I think you have the wrong person.”

Then, Jeremy left only to stop after a few steps. He turned and stared at Madeline who was still rooted in place.

He walked back toward her. Madeline assumed that Jeremy was done playing with her and that he no longer wanted to joke. However, he only bent down to pick up the rainbow shell in front of her feet before taking his leave once more.

His chain of actions had Madeline’s heart feeling like it was suspended mid-air by a thread.

She had no idea what happened to Jeremy over the past few days, but it seemed that he truly did not recognize her at all.

It did not seem like he lost his memories as he still knew who he was.

Could he possibly be showing traits of a dissociative identity disorder as she had before?

No, that was impossible.

There were hardly such coincidences.

Madeline ran after him. Reaching the entrance, she watched Jeremy get into a car. It was the same car that Felicity had been sitting in a few days ago.

The car drove off, and Madeline hailed a taxi to follow it.

Around ten minutes later, the car arrived at the apartment Felicity lived in. Madeline watched Felicity and Jeremy alight the car before entering the apartment.

Had Jeremy and Felicity’s friendship gotten so close to the point that they could now walk side by side?

Finding it hard to imagine, Madeline followed confusedly and was met with the sight of Jeremy following Felicity into the same apartment complex. She quickly followed after and slammed her hand on the wooden door before it could be closed.

Felicity quirked her red lips in a prideful smile as her eyes fell on Madeline.

“What did you do to Jeremy? Why doesn’t he recognize me?” Madeline asked, going straight to the point.