Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 74

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 74 – What?

Madeline could not believe what she had just heard.

Jeremy calling her his wife was already a fantasy, but what astonished her the most was how Jeremy addressed her boss.


She did not know the name of the man who had helped her twice. She only knew that the staff would call him Mr. Whitman.

However, Madeline did not think too much of it at that time. After all, there were so many people with the same last name in this world. Hence, she did not expect him to be Jeremy’s uncle.

Felipe Whitman got out of the car slowly, looking at Madeline in puzzlement. “So, you’re Jeremy’s wife?”

Madeline opened her mouth after being stuck in a daze. “For now.”

Jeremy’s face fell when he heard Madeline’s answer.

“For now?” Felipe’s interest was piqued by her answer. He looked at Jeremy with a small smile on his face. “If that’s the case, then I won’t stop you from taking your wife home.”

Felipe got into his car again before looking at Madeline. “Remember to come to work tomorrow. I believe with your ability, you’ll be able to accomplish a lot in your industry.”

“Thank you, Mr. Whitman. I’ll do my best.” Madeline thanked him sincerely. However, before she could finish talking, she was dragged away by Jeremy and pushed into the car.

After the car started, Jeremy said weirdly, “Madeline, you’re really something else. Are you going to go after every man in the Whitman family? The way you behave as a woman really opens my eyes.”

She recalled how Meredith had threatened her arrogantly this morning. Then, after hearing what he said to her, Madeline felt the flames of anger rising in her chest.

“Jeremy, if you really see me as your wife, then please respect me as well as Grandpa and Uncle. If you don’t see me as your wife and you only did that just now just to preserve your dignity as a man, then you can stop the car now. I’ll gladly get lost from your sight!”

After she said that, Jeremy slammed the brakes. He really stopped the car.

He reached his hand over and pinched Madeline’s cheek with a sinister gaze.

“Uncle? How intimate. When did you two get together, hmm?”

His sarcastic tone and suspecting eyes made Madeline extremely uncomfortable. She stared at the furious man. “If you think I’m so d***y and cheap, you can divorce me. I’ll convince Grandpa to agree to it!”

Did Jeremy not want to divorce her so badly? She had already agreed to it!

However, after she said that, the vein on the man’s forehead protruded. There was a dark wave underneath his eyes.

“Who are you going to run to now that you’re so desperate to divorce me? Daniel or Felipe?” he asked angrily. He was pinching Madeline’s cheek even harder now. “Madeline, listen carefully. I’ll tell you this one last time!

“You don’t have the right to control our marriage! You will never have the chance to divorce me or seduce another man in this lifetime! Get lost!”

He pushed her away and as usual, he kicked her out of the car.

Madeline stood at the side of the road and watched as the car drove away.

She remembered how she was so determined to love this unreasonable man for the past ten years. Then, she did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Madeline met up with Ava. The two of them had pizza in a pizzeria. Madeline wanted to drink like Ava so that she could get drunk for a while. However, for the sake of her worthless life, she decided against it.