Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 736

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 736 – Felipe was walking in. When he saw Madeline, he walked over to her with a soft smile. “Eveline.”

“Why are you back so soon?” Madeline asked with a grin. However, she was looking at Felipe differently now.

“I’m worried about you.” Felipe’s eyes were filled with love. “Lillian just left and you must be feeling sad, so I want to accompany you.”

“Sad? Yeah, I’m devastated.” Madeline smiled superficially. Then, she looked straight at Felipe. “Can you take a walk with me nearby?”

“Of course.” Felipe smiled and nodded. Then, he followed Madeline to the street that was filled with fallen ginkgo leaves.

There was a sudden gust of autumn wind and the yellow ginkgo leaves fluttered down like butterflies before falling to the ground soundlessly.

Felipe noticed that Madeline was not in a good mood, but he understood why.

Lillian was her child who she carried for ten months, and now, she was gone. Perhaps she would need a long time before this pain could heal.

However, since the wound was deep, he believed that Madeline would not give Jeremy any chances.

They stayed silent for some time before Felipe finally said something. “Eveline, you have to stay strong. If Lillian was here, she would want her beloved mommy to be happy and cheerful.”

Madeline chuckled sarcastically. “A lot of people have told me that. They hope I can be happy and cheerful, but the people who said those to me are also the ones causing me pain and misery.”

There was a strange look on Felipe’s face. When he turned to look at Madeline, she stopped walking.

Her clear and beautiful eyes met his ominous ones. “Felipe, do you remember how old Lily is?”

Felipe did not stop to think about it. “About four.”

“Three years, ten months, and twelve days,” Madeline told him an accurate number.

Felipe frowned in remorse. “Eveline, you remember it so clearly.”

“I think every mother will remember everything about their children.” Madeline looked at Felipe, and there was a flash of disappointment in her eyes. “Felipe, do you still remember what was Lily’s first word? It’s ‘daddy’.”

Felipe’s expression became solemn and complicated. He saw probing and suspicion in Madeline’s eyes.

“Eveline, is there something you want to tell me?”

“I want to ask you just how cold-blooded a father has to be to hire someone to k**l his own daughter?”

A hint of slyness flashed across Felipe’s eyes. However, he remained calm. “I think Jeremy should be able to answer this, since—”

“Or maybe you do too.” Madeline interrupted with a sharp gaze. “Do you know Felicity?”

“I don’t.” Felipe denied it.

Madeline smiled and took out her phone to open her album. “A woman you don’t know was driving your car and she became Jeremy’s psychologist. What’s more interesting is that this woman looks almost the same as me.”

Felipe did not think that Madeline would know about this, but at this moment, he did not have any justifications for it.

“Felipe, is this the happiness that you want to give me?” Madeline was utterly disappointed, and her eyes had turned icy as well. “You’re the person I trust the most and I never once thought about suspecting you. I’ve always believed you no matter what you said or what you did.

“It was because I didn’t think that a man who would risk everything to bring me back to life would do anything to hurt me. However, after all this time, I realized I’ve been wrong.

“Felipe, you’re so foreign and scary.

“You even took action against Lily so that I won’t get back together with Jeremy.”

Felipe frowned, but he still remained calm. “Eveline, Lily is our daughter. Even if I don’t want to see you with Jeremy, I wouldn’t do something so heinous. I think you’ve misunderstood me.”

“This isn’t a misunderstanding.” Jeremy’s voice appeared from one side. “Felipe, do you still want to lie to Linnie now that it has come to this?”

Madeline and Felipe looked over at the same time to see Jeremy walking over with a serious expression on his face. Then, he said confidently, “Lillian is Eveline’s and my daughter. This is the report I just got from the hospital and it’s stated clearly that your blood type is O!”