Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 73

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 73 – When Madeline thought that she would be unable to dodge away, a tall and slender figure appeared in front of her.

Madeline’s coffee was splashed onto that man’s neatly ironed suit and shirt.

It happened so quickly that Madeline and Meredith were both shocked.

“Miss, I can sue you for assault just by your action of splashing hot coffee on someone else,” the man said. His voice was deep and mellow, like red wine to the ears. His demeanor was not like anyone else.

Meredith looked at the man’s face before saying arrogantly after she came back to her senses, “Tch! Are you trying to scare me? So what if I assaulted her? I was going to assault this b*tch. Why did you step in all of a sudden?”

“Miss Crawford is my official employee. As her superior, I have the responsibility to protect my staff.”

When Madeline heard this, she was beyond shocked.

When she was about to say something, her eyes met the man’s bottomless eyes. She was taken aback as she felt that he looked very familiar.

“Haha.” Meredith laughed savagely. “You dare to hire this woman? Don’t you know who she is? She’s that plagiarizing b*tch everyone in Glendale is after! None of the jewelry companies dare to hire her. If they do, they’ll be going against the Whitmans and the Montgomeries!”

The man was indifferent to Meredith’s threats. “The Montgomeries? The Whitmans? You should just wait for the letter from my lawyer. I’ll definitely get to the bottom of you trying to assault someone else.”

After he said that calmly, he looked at Madeline. “Come with me.”

Madeline looked at Meredith who had a shocked expression on her face before following the man.

Meredith did not expect to be taught a lesson. She threw the coffee cup on the floor and ran to complain to Jeremy.

Madeline looked at the man next to her when they were in the elevator.

He was tall and had very nice features. He had the air of a noble and approachable tyrant.

Madeline contemplated for a while before saying, “Thank you for helping me again.” This man was the person who had sent her to the hospital that day. She was certain of it.

When the man heard that, he lowered his head to look at Madeline. He smiled lightly. “I thought you wouldn’t remember what happened that day after you passed out. I guess you remember me pretty well.”

His tone was mischievous, making Madeline less nervous.

Madeline felt that her extreme sorrow had turned into joy. Not only did this man save her twice, but he was also the chief director-general of this company where she was interviewing with.

He hired Madeline quickly and stated that he trusted her.

When she left his office, Madeline asked for his coffee-stained suit jacket and shirt. She wanted to wash them for him when she got home.

He did not reject her and let her take those away.

Madeline finally found a stable job. Plus, her colleagues were nice. Madeline told Ava immediately and told her she could treat her to a meal to celebrate.

If Madeline had not agreed to meet Ava, she would not have wanted to leave even when it was time to get off work. She loved her current job and was able to forget her unhappy past by working.

When Madeline was at the entrance, the silver car stopped next to her. The window was rolled down and that same handsome face appeared behind the window.

“Get in. I have something to ask you.”

Madeline hesitated. However, she recalled how he helped her before, so she did not have any reason to reject him. Eventually, she nodded.

However, when Madeline opened the door to get in, another familiar black car stopped in front of her all of a sudden. She would have gotten hit if the car had driven forward just a few more inches.

Madeline was so shocked that she was stunned. She saw Jeremy walking over to her with a p***r face, then he looked at the man inside the car with a fake smile.

“You don’t have to be so courteous, Uncle. I’ll pick up my own wife from work. You don’t have to go through all of this trouble.”