Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 727

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 727 – Jeremy took out his phone hurriedly and opened the electronic copy of the paternity test result that he saved.

“Linnie, look. This is the paternity test I did with Lily. Lily is our daughter.” He held the phone in front of Madeline to prove that he was telling the truth.

Madeline lowered her eyes, her vision quickly blurred by tears.

“Linnie, do you see it?” Jeremy asked carefully.

However, the moment he finished asking, Madeline lifted her hand and pushed his hand away.

The phone fell to the wet floor with a loud smack. Then, the screen smashed into a million pieces.

Jeremy felt his heart getting smashed at the same time as well.

Madeline looked at him frigidly. “I don’t want to see you again.”

Her tone was firm, and she walked away without turning back.

Jeremy stood in place dispiritedly. As he looked at her cold back, tears escaped from the corners of his eyes.

On the smashed screen, that beautiful smile invaded his vision and pained Jeremy’s eyes.


‘I’m sorry, Lily.

‘I didn’t get to protect you.’

As he blamed himself, he saw a black figure approaching him from the corner of his eyes.

“Jeremy, how dare you come here? Even though Lily was kidnapped by human traffickers, it still can’t change the fact that you k****d my daughter indirectly.” Felipe pushed all the blame onto Jeremy. “If you still have an ounce of humanity, please stay away. Don’t let Eveline see you again in case she can’t stop herself from k*****g you.”

“Felipe, you know d**n well who Lily’s birth father is,” Jeremy said with a sharp glint in his eyes. “I’ll find the real m******r who k****d my daughter. Just you wait.”

He promised solemnly and walked away in the rain.

Felipe watched Jeremy’s back silently and tightened his grip on the umbrella.

After they took care of something in the station, Felipe sent Madeline back to Montgomery Manor.

He knew Madeline did not have the mood to discuss anything with him right now, so he would not force her. Then, he went back to his place alone.

Meredith had been waiting for him in the study.

When she saw Felipe, she waited for his orders patiently.

“You’ll go to F Country with the child on the flight this afternoon. Then, come back after you fix your face.” Felipe’s voice was cold and his tone was emotionless. However, he had a m*******s aura around him.

Meredith did not want to go back to F Country, but she did not have the right to say no.

Cathy walked in with a cup of tea. When she saw the face that was similar to Madeline’s, she furrowed her brows together.

“Get out,” Felipe asked Meredith to leave.

Meredith walked out of the door timidly. Then, she looked at Cathy with the corner of her eyes.

Cathy placed the tea in front of Felipe. “Why did you do that? You like Evie so much. Shouldn’t you hope that she won’t be sad? Why did you—”

“It’s not your place to ask me that.” Felipe interrupted her coldly. There was a devious and dark look on his face that did not go with his handsome and elegant features. “If you want to stay by my side, you need to know your place.”

“Get out,” he then asked her to leave, refusing to look at her for even another second.

Although they had been intimate, she was still nothing to him.

Cathy turned around sadly. After closing the door, she stood by it and looked at her flat stomach.