Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 722

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 722 – ‘Did I do it with him?’

Madeline felt her ears heat up. Suddenly, she saw a suspicious mark on her neck when she looked into the mirror.

After she finished cleaning herself up, she saw a note that Jeremy left. There was only a simple sentence: [Linnie, I’m going to send Jack to school. You can stay here and sleep for a bit.]

He did not mention anything about last night and sounded natural.

Madeline looked at the note Jeremy left and started spacing out.

She looked at his neat handwriting and suddenly, she remembered the confession she saw on the notebook in the restaurant near Glendale University. [Madeline Crawford, I like you.]

Now, Madeline realized that Jeremy was the one who left the anonymous note.

He had already taken a liking to her when she was in her first year.

However, he hid his fondness toward her.

When Meredith impersonated her, he could only stop himself from pursuing her because of the promise he made in his childhood.

Madeline left the hotel, and when she stepped out of the building, she received a call from Felipe.

He asked her about what happened last night. Then, he also told her that Jeremy forcefully took her away after she got drunk and how he was extremely worried.


Madeline knew something was wrong with those two glasses of red wine.

It was impossible for her to feel like that after two drinks.

At this moment, Felipe was enjoying his breakfast in the yard. Suddenly, someone came and told him that Madeline was here.

He lowered his head to ponder, then when he lifted his head again, he saw Madeline walking toward him.

He placed his cutlery down and smiled at Madeline. He still retained his gentlemanly demeanor.

“Eveline, it’s great that you’re okay.” He sighed a breath of relief. “I was so worried when Jeremy barged into my place and took you away from me forcefully.”

Madeline let him finish before asking, “Felipe, was I really drunk last night?”

After she asked that, Madeline could see an ominous glint in Felipe’s eyes. However, he acted extremely calm and composed.

“It’s a new wine, so you might not be used to it and that’s why you got drunk so easily.” He gave her such an explanation.

Madeline smiled, her eyes looking like voids. “Is that so?”

“I think so,” Felipe replied and walked in front of her. “Eveline, too many things have been happening recently and I want to take you somewhere to clear your head.”

“Alright, I want to go somewhere with you as well.”

Felipe beamed when Madeline agreed to it.

However, he was not stupid. He could sense something amiss in Madeline’s tone.

She was suspecting him.

On the other side.

After Jeremy sent Jackson to the kindergarten, he went to Montgomery Manor for his daughter.

Eloise was playing in the garden with the little girl. When she saw him, Lillian wobbled over to him happily. “Handsome Mister, come and play with Lily!”

The little girl blinked her huge eyes, her blushing cheeks looking extremely adorable.

Jeremy picked her up and greeted Eloise before leaving with her in his arms.

Eloise felt that this was strange.

Eveline said that Lillian was Felipe’s child, but why was she so close to Jeremy?

Jeremy brought Lillian to the park and bought her some beautiful dresses. After that, he also brought her to a dessert shop.

Even though Lillian had given him the nickname of ‘Handsome Mister’, for Jeremy, it was another form of blessing.

If he wanted to mention something that upset him, it would be Madeline not talking to him for the entire day. She did not reply to his messages or pick up his phone calls.

Inside the dessert shop, Jeremy was lining up to buy Lillian’s favorite cake. He would occasionally look at Lillian who was waiting for him on the sofa.

Lillian was staring at Jeremy the entire time, but at this moment, a figure wandered into Lillian’s vision.

The little girl blinked and beamed. Then, she jumped down from the sofa and ran toward the crowd.