Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 717

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 717 – “What?” Karen leaped up abruptly. “Are you telling the truth?”

“Why would I lie to you, Mrs. Whitman?” Meredith frowned, looking aggrieved. “Just look at my face and the wound on my forehead, then you’ll know that I’m telling the truth.”

Karen lifted her head to look at Meredith. A second later, her expression darkened.

“That b*tch! I knew she wouldn’t be so kind!” Karen was already biased toward Madeline, so she was easily swayed.

Meredith felt pleased with herself but kept an innocent look on her face. “Actually, Mrs. Whitman, just think about it. Madeline hates you so much, so why would she save you? If you were Madeline, would you save a person who’s always going against you?”

Karen stood in Madeline’s shoes, her face darkening even more. She blurted out before thinking, “If I were Madeline, I wouldn’t save such a horrible mother-in-law!”


Meredith almost burst out laughing when she saw Karen scolding herself.

Karen felt awkward for a few seconds. Then, she started screaming angrily, “I told you that Madeline wanted me d**d! How would she risk her life to save me? I knew there was an ulterior motive behind this!”

Just earlier, she had a good impression of Madeline but now, it was completely gone because of Meredith’s instigation.

Meredith knew Karen’s personality well after spending all those years with her. She could take Karen down easily after some gifts and instigation.

Now, it was obvious that this was the case.

After Meredith left, Karen left the house hurriedly. Inside the custodial ward, Karen saw Yvonne who was covered heavily in bandages—including her face.

“You didn’t want to live your life properly, so you’re the one who did this to yourself!” Karen scolded angrily, “Tell me, did you work with Madeline to kidnap me? She bribed you and was just purposely putting on a show for me, huh? You did that because you hate me!”

Even though Yvonne did not know why Karen was saying that, since she was already in this state, she decided to frame Madeline again.

“That’s right, I did work together with her! You dumb*ss! If not, do you think she’d really save you with the ransom? Do you remember her slapping you that day? Madeline told me herself that she had so much fun slapping you!”

“You…” Karen was fuming. Then, she left as Yvonne cackled sinisterly.

After she got home, Karen threw all of the food she prepared for Madeline into the trash can.

The maid was confused. She then heard Karen mumbling angrily to herself. “Madeline, you b*tch. I thought you saved me because you care about me. It turns out you’re just using that as an excuse to beat around the bush to prank and slap me!”

Madeline arrived with Jackson when she heard Karen scolding her the moment she stepped into the house.

If it were not for Jackson who said that it had been a long time since he ate dinner with his father, Madeline would not have come over either.

When Karen saw Madeline, she pointed at her and shrieked, “Madeline, you’re so heinous! I was almost fooled by you!”

Madeline was puzzled. When she was about to say something, Jackson walked in front of her with a frown on his face.

“Granny, you can’t talk about my mommy like that.”

“Am I wrong? Your mother is an evil and heinous low-life!”

Madeline smiled calmly. “The least you can do is tell me what I’ve done if you want to yell at me.”

“You know what you’ve done! Madeline, I’m telling you, don’t even think about getting back with Jeremy as long as I’m around!”

“What nonsense are you spewing again?” Jeremy walked downstairs and looked at Karen in agitation. Then, he walked to Madeline. “Linnie, you’re here.”

“I’m leaving now.”

Madeline’s straightforward answer caused the light in Jeremy’s eyes to go out.

“Jack will stay and I’ll come to get him later. I’m not gonna disturb you in case someone loses their appetite from looking at me.”

“Madeline, are you making insinuations at me?” Karen asked furiously.

Madeline ignored her and walked away.

Jeremy’s eyes darkened. “Are you happy now that Linnie’s gone?”