Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 712

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 712 – She felt all kinds of emotions in her heart. Suddenly, she heard the crackling sound before an explosion coming from the car.

When Yvonne saw that Madeline was unharmed, she almost exploded in anger.

“Madeline, I’ll k**l you! I’ll—”



Jeremy kicked Yvonne away and pulled Madeline into his arms. Then, he ran forward with a serious look on his face.

“Linnie, hurry! The car’s going to explode!”


‘The car is going to explode?’

Meredith was petrified when she heard this as she was still tied to the tree.

Then, in an instant, sparks flew as a loud explosion filled the air.


The airflow from the explosion was so strong that the flora around the place were all pulled from the ground.

Jeremy carried Lillian with one hand and held Madeline with the other, protecting the mother and daughter in his arms.

After a while, everything plunged into silence.

Madeline lifted her head and the first thing she saw was the wound on Jeremy’s back. The dagger was still stabbed inside him, and it was evident how much strength Yvonne had used just now as well as how much she wanted her d**d.

“Linnie, Lily fainted. Let’s go to the hospital now.” It was only after hearing Jeremy’s words that Madeline realized Lillian was unconscious.

She quickly drove Jeremy’s car over and did not waste any time driving them to the hospital.

After Felipe got the news, he arrived at the scene a few seconds before the explosion. Then, he saw this scene before even getting out of the car.

The three of them got through this crisis with Jeremy carrying Lillian in one arm and holding Madeline in the other.

However, he did not expect Madeline to be worried about Jeremy first after they got out of the crisis.

Felipe gripped the steering wheel, dark undercurrents appearing in his eyes.

Then, Felipe turned his steering wheel when he heard the sound of police cars approaching.


Madeline was relieved after Lillian woke up.

When she walked to the clinic, she was oddly worried when she heard the doctor saying that the dagger had hit Jeremy’s bone and his wound was pretty serious.

Then, she heard Jeremy asking the doctor about her and Lillian in concern.

After making sure that they were alright, he let out a sigh of relief.

Jeremy draped his b****y coat across his shoulder and walked out in exhaustion. He was surprised when he saw Madeline at the door. However, he smiled at her gently. “Linnie, it’s great that you and Lily are fine.”

Madeline looked at him and said coldly, “I’ll drive you home.”

Jeremy was extremely grateful. “Okay.”

Felipe followed them all the way to the hospital. When he saw Madeline and Jeremy walking out together and how she was even driving him home, he could not control himself anymore.

After he got back to his place, he shut himself in the study to drink. The flames of anger in his chest could not be put out by the cold liquid that he was downing furiously.


“Why are you still concerned about him?’

“Why?” Felipe asked. He could not accept this.

He smashed the wine glass in his hand, the shards stabbing into his palm. In a flash, blood started pouring out from the spaces between his fingers, yet he remained indifferent.

When Cathy saw this, she walked into the study with a first aid kit. “Felipe, don’t hurt yourself like this,” she said to him while feeling pity. When she saw the blood on his palm, she felt as if her heart was bleeding too.

Felipe pushed her hand away forcefully. “Get away from me.”

“I won’t leave you, especially not when you’re in a bad mood.” Cathy looked at Felipe with a certain gaze. After that, she held his hand to dress his wound for him.

Felipe’s eyes darkened. His b****y hand gripped Cathy’s chin as an ominous glint appeared in his cold eyes that were filled with rage.

“Do you think I’ll fall for you if you do this? Let me tell you, don’t even think about it.”

“But I want to.” Cathay looked into his cold eyes, her eyes shining with undying passion and love toward him.

Felipe was slightly taken aback, but in the next second, Cathy boldly moved her face closer to him and kissed him on the lips.