Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 711

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 711 – Madeline was stunned when she saw Jeremy rushing over without hesitation.

Yvonne heard footsteps behind her and turned her head abruptly. When she saw Jeremy, her expression changed. Then, she took her dagger and walked to Meredith before pointing it at her neck.

“Jeremy, don’t force me. If not, I’ll k**l Madeline!” Yvonne threatened.

Jeremy only wanted to save Lillian when he suddenly heard Yvonne saying that she wanted to k**l Madeline.

He turned around and saw Yvonne holding the woman covered in blood who was tied to the tree.

He looked closely and realized that the woman was Felicity.

Since she looked similar to Madeline, Yvonne had mistaken her to be Madeline.

She thought Felicity was Madeline, so she was releasing all of her resentments on Felicity.

When he saw the wounds on Felicity’s face and head, Jeremy felt relieved.

He did not turn around and ran straight to the car.

“Handsome Mister!” Inside the car, Lillian screamed for help when she saw him. “Mommy! My mommy! Please don’t bully my mommy! Boo-hoo…”

The little girl’s eyes were red and swollen from crying—even her voice had turned hoarse.

Jeremy was heartbroken. He ran to open the door but realized that the door was locked from inside.

All of the windows were closed and there was only a small gap between the window in front of Lillian.

“Jeremy, save me! This woman is insane! She’s a psycho!” Meredith screamed at Jeremy for help. She was longing for Jeremy to turn around to look at her, but Jeremy just ignored her.

The only thing on his mind right now was saving Lillian.

“Handsome Mister, boo-hoo…”

“Lily, don’t be scared. Daddy will save you. I won’t let anything happen to you!” He comforted in a soft voice. Despite being in a state of panic, he still remained calm on the outside.

“Jeremy! Jeremy save me!” Meredith was still screaming for help.

On the other hand, Jeremy was still ignoring her.

Yvonne felt that something was amiss. Jeremy loved Madeline so much, so why was he ignoring her?

She looked at Meredith’s face closely and suddenly, she heard another set of footsteps running over.

She widened her eyes and looked over. Then, she was completely stunned.


Yvonne looked at Meredith again in disbelief. Even though half of her face was stained with blood, she could still see that her face was similar to Madeline’s.

“What’s going on? What the h**l is going on?” Yvonne shook her head. She thought that she had perhaps taken too many hallucinogens so that was why she was seeing things.

“I told you I’m not Madeline!” Meredith yelled. She wanted so badly to kick this i***t to d***h.

Yvonne could not accept what was happening. She watched dumbfoundedly as Madeline ran to Jeremy. The two of them worked together to smash the window of the car.

“Linnie, why are you here? I asked you to wait for me. It’s too dangerous!”

“Jeremy, this is my daughter! How can you ask me to stand aside and not do anything?” Madeline yelled angrily. Then, she heard a click.

Jeremy had successfully unlocked the car.

He quickly opened the door and carried Lillian out who was drenched in sweat.

Then, Madeline noticed the smell of gasoline coming from around the car. When Jeremy carried Lillian out of the car, it was completely engulfed by flames and was making a weird burning sound.

She looked at the end of the car and detected something was wrong.

The car was going to explode.

“Run!” She held Jeremy’s hand frantically.

Jeremy was stunned. His heart melted when he saw Madeline so concerned about him.

When he was about to run away from this dangerous place, he heard frantic footsteps behind him.

He turned around to see Yvonne’s contorted face as she held a b****y knife. She was about to stab the knife down on Madeline’s back without making a noise!

Jeremy reacted quickly and pulled Madeline over to him. He enveloped her into his arms and saw her puzzled face.

In the next second, he felt a debilitating pain in his back.

Madeline came to her senses and looked over, seeing a dagger stabbed at the base of Jeremy’s left shoulder.

Madeline immediately understood what was going on when she saw Yvonne with a malicious expression on her face.

Yvonne wanted to k**l her but Jeremy had silently blocked this sudden a****k.