Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 71

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 71 – Due to the inertia, Madeline’s body flew forward. A sharp pain came from her stomach. Madeline curled up her body to try to relieve this pain, but before she could do that, Jeremy yanked her over to him.

His handsome face was not affected by his anger, and it was magnified in front of her.

Jeremy looked at Madeline with an icy glare. “So you’re admitting that you drugged me and climbed into my bed back then?”

Madeline looked at the face that she had loved for so many years and grinned.

“If you think I did it, then I did, Mr. Whitman.” She did not want to make too many unnecessary explanations.

However, Jeremy stopped in his tracks and looked at the grinning face that was before him. A similar grin appeared in his head, and the hand that was holding Madeline’s collar loosened. Then, after a while, there was a strong disgust in his eyes.

“How cheap.” He spat out the insulting words from his lips and pushed Madeline away.

Madeline felt a pang in her stomach and she frowned as she endured it. Then, she smiled profoundly at Jeremy.

“Yeah, I’m cheap. However, no matter how cheap I am, I’m still 1,000 and 1,000,000 times cleaner than the love of your life.”

“Shut up!” Jeremy roared as he interrupted her. “Are you trying to insult Mer again?”

“Heh.” Madeline laughed as she endured the pain. “Do I even need to insult an underaged girl who got an a******n after she got pregnant?”

After she said that, Jeremy put his hand around Madeline’s neck.

In that instant, Madeline lost the freedom to breathe freely.

“Madeline, say that again. Do you trust that I’ll strangle you to d***h right now?” Jeremy ground his teeth. His solemn eyes were staring at Madeline like he was about to devour her.

Madeline’s face was red, but she did not plead for mercy. “I’m going to say this anyway. Meredith Crawford is a first-class two-faced b*tch who pretends to be innocent and pure!”

Even though she was having difficulties breathing, Madeline’s every word was powerful and resounding. Her eyes were staring into that man’s terrifyingly icy gaze like torches. “Jeremy, I can swear with my life that I only had one man before and that’s you. However, Meredith has had so many boyfriends that you can’t even count all of them with all ten of your fingers.

“The child she had three years ago wasn’t your child, but you insisted on trusting her. You even sacrificed our child because of the m*********e she orchestrated.”

When she said this, Madeline felt as if there was an invisible knife slicing across her heart.

She sobbed as tears escaped her eyes.

Jeremy looked dazed. He let go of Madeline all of a sudden.

“Cough, cough…” Madeline gasped for air. She saw Jeremy’s gloomy and cold gaze from the corner of her eyes. She took a deep breath and said, “Jeremy, you can go and investigate what I said just now.”

“Hmph.” Jeremy snorted. “Do you think I’ll believe the words of a woman who did time in p****n before?”

Madeline smiled sarcastically. “If I’m lying, I’ll d*e a horrible d***h.”

“Then you should just drop d**d.” Jeremy cursed with no mercy.

Madeline felt as if her heart was frozen and it was extremely cold.

Jeremy opened the car door. “Scram.”

He left her on the side of the road once more. In addition to that, it was raining.

He did not even look at Madeline. Then, he turned his steering wheel before speeding away.

She recalled what he said to her before she got out of the car. Then, Madeline balled herself up and squatted down on the side of the road in pain and exhaustion. Her face was as white as snow.

Huge raindrops fell mercilessly on her weakening body. Her body was cold and so was her heart.

When she was about to lose consciousness, Madeline saw a silver car stopping in front of her. After that, a man approached her with a black umbrella.