Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 707

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 707 – ‘Positive paternity test.’

Even though he had expected this result, Jeremy was still stuck in a daze for a long time on his bed.

He held the phone in his shaky hands, eyes glued to the three words. Then, his mind wandered into a faraway place.

That year, he had witnessed Daniel kissing Madeline on the forehead. Eventually, he was blinded by rage and forced himself on her.

Now, Jeremy finally realized how petty of a man he was.

He could not allow other men around her aside from him.

He felt that he was despicable and heinous. He always wanted to vent his feelings and emotions, never caring about how she felt.


Jeremy called Madeline’s name and there was a spark of joy in his pain.

He was glad that she belonged to him this entire time.

He was even more glad that she was able to come back to his life safe and sound. Plus, she even brought such a cute and lively daughter with her.

However, when he remembered that Madeline refused to admit that Lillian was his daughter, Jeremy felt sad again.

What should he do to make Madeline stop hating him?

Jeremy looked at his phone and fell into deep thought.

Then, as he looked at the device, a plan to get Madeline closer to him emerged from his brain.

Monday morning, Madeline sent Jackson to kindergarten and brought Lillian to Montgomery Manor.

When they were waiting for the light to turn green, Lillian spotted someone selling cotton candy by the roadside, so she told Madeline she wanted to have one.

Looking at the little girl’s twinkling eyes, Madeline only wanted to pamper and spoil her.

Madeline got out of the car with the little girl and walked to the stall.

After she got the cotton candy, she beamed. Madeline was also influenced by this innocent smile.

She took out her purse to pay when a figure sped behind her like a gust of wind.

Amid Madeline’s confusion, the little girl was forcefully pulled away from her by brute force.

She turned her head abruptly. “Lily!”

Madeline turned around to chase after the person, but the cotton candy seller stopped her. “You haven’t paid.”

She took out a banknote from her pocket and tossed it at him before turning around to chase the person.

However, she did not expect the person who snatched Lillian from her to brashly jump into her car that was still running. Then, they drove the car away right in front of her.

“Mommy! Mommy!”

Lillian poked her head out from the window and screamed at Madeline.

“Lily!” Madeline’s heart was racing. She hurried to hail a car from the roadside but no one stopped for her.

While in her panic state, she saw a familiar car driving past her from the corner of her eyes. When she lifted her head, she saw the car rounding a corner.

She forced herself to be calm. Finally, after she successfully got a car, she called Felipe immediately.

The moment the call got through, Madeline exclaimed frantically, “Felipe, Lily was kidnapped on the road! That person even stole my car! Even though it’s just for a split second, I know who that person is!”

After Madeline finished talking, she heard Jeremy’s worried voice from the other end of the phone.

“Linnie, did you just say that Lily was kidnapped?”

Madeline was stunned as she held the phone in her hand. She looked at the screen and realized she had called the wrong number.

She wanted to call Felipe, but she accidentally called Jeremy instead.