Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 694

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 694 – This person would be able to help her fulfill her wish of seeing Jeremy.

As Meredith thought about that, she left the hospital hurriedly.

Karen and Winston received news that Madeline and Jeremy were being rescued in the emergency room. As such, they had hurried to the hospital.

However, Winston noticed that Karen looked oddly frantic. “Karen, you’ve been looking unwell ever since you came back last night. Did something happen?”

Karen shifted her gaze away from him, saying, “What else? I was almost k****d by my damned niece.”

After she said that, she saw Jeremy walking out of the emergency room with Madeline.

Karen stopped abruptly, and at that moment, she did not know how to face Madeline.

Madeline’s determined gaze and tone when she pushed her toward the door kept replaying in her head.

She had sincerely wanted to save her.

However, what about her?

Before Madeline saved her, she was still cursing at her. She even said that Madeline should have died three years ago.

Winston patted Karen’s arm when he saw her standing there without moving. “Karen, what happened to you?”

Madeline and Jeremy looked over at the same time when they heard that. When Madeline saw Karen and Winston, her eyes remained calm. However, Karen averted her gaze in guilt. and felt that her face was burning at that moment.

“Jermy, Maddie, are you hurt?” Winston walked over and asked.

Madeline removed her hand from Jeremy’s and asked, “Did they catch Yvonne and her accomplices?”

“The two men were arrested but Yvonne escaped.”

“She’s so good at escaping.” Madeline smiled softly. She could see Karen looking at her from the corner of her eyes, but when Madeline looked over, Karen averted her eyes in a hurry.

“Eveline, Eveline!”

Eloise and Sean arrive hurriedly at this moment.

When they saw the bandages on Madeline’s left calf, they were heartbroken.

“Why didn’t you tell us about this? How could you risk your life like this?” Eloise held Madeline’s hands with lingering fear. Then, she peered at Karen. “Even after you save that certain someone, they’ll still think that you’re just trying to hurt them.”

“…” Karen knew Eloise was hinting at her. If this was before, she would have fought with Eloise, but at this moment, she could not say anything.

“Sean, you should carry Eveline home.” Eloise hinted at Sean.

Madeline wanted to reject, but Sean had already knelt in front of her.

“Eveline, come. Daddy will carry you.”

‘Daddy will carry you.’

At his words, Madeline felt tears in her eyes. She did not reject him anymore and climbed onto Sean’s back gingerly.

Even though she did not remember some parts of her life, she did not forget that she never had parents ever since she was young. She also did not forget how she longed for the love from her parents. She longed to be carried by her father and accompanied by her mother like other children.

Jeremy wanted to follow them, but when he saw Madeline deep in thought as she leaned against Sean’s back, a smile appeared on his face. He realized that he should not go and disturb them.

This was the love and warmth that Linnie had been yearning for for a very long time.

Winston saw Jeremy looking in the direction where Madeline left and was shocked. “Jeremy, c-can you see?”

Karen was spacing out at one side but ran over emotionally when she heard this. “Jeremy, can you see now? Is that true?”

Jeremy averted his gaze indifferently and shook his head. “I can’t.”

Winston and Karen sighed in disappointment.

Montgomery Manor.

Sean carried Madeline all the way to her room.

When Madeline was in the shower, Eloise stayed outside the door. She was worried that Madeline would fall or bump into things.

When she finally lay in bed safe and sound, Eloise left while feeling relieved.

Madeline was exhausted after what happened tonight. When she was about to rest, her phone rang. She had never seen this number before.

After hesitating, Madeline still picked up the phone. However, she did not expect to hear Felicity’s voice. Her attitude was pleasant at first, but she did not expect Felicity to say the words she said next.