Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 685

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 685 – Karen looked at the woman who was walking toward her. She was shocked and held on to her breath.

“So it’s you, you little b*tch—”


Before Karen was done speaking, she received a tight slap on the face.

She was dumbfounded and only recovered after a few seconds. “You… How dare you slap me? You—”



Another slap landed on her face. Karen found it unbelievable. With gritted teeth, she turned to glare at the woman.

“You’re out of your mind, Yvonne! You hired someone to kidnap me and even dare to hit me? I’m your biological aunt!”

Yvonne let out a peal of maniacal laughter. Her expression became dark. “Biological aunt? The one I’m beating right now is my biological aunt!”


Yvonne reached out to Karen’s collar, putting on a malicious expression. “My dear aunt, let me tell you this. I’ve been tolerating you for a very long time now!

“You claim that you’re my biological aunt, but have you ever treated me as your biological niece? Whenever you were being lectured by Madeline, I was the one who had to cover up the mess for you. You were always ordering me to do this and do that, even ordering me to serve that old man. I always followed your orders, but did you ever give me any benefit?!”

Yvonne vented out all her dissatisfaction. One could smell the heavy scent of alcohol and tobacco on her. Her expression became tense.

“All I did was get some money and jewelry from you. Did you have to treat me that way? Did you have to call me a b*tch and slap me on the face that hard? At that time, did you treat me as your biological niece?! I’m telling you this Karen. Whatever that’s happening today is all because of your doing!”

Karen glared back. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing right now? You’re going against the law!”

“So what?” Yvonne was not bothered. “After all, I’m already bearing a few criminal charges. There’s no harm in adding one more to it. I think it’s best if you start worrying about yourself.”

Yvonne laughed out loud, shoving Karen away. She crossed her arms, and a smirk curled at the corner of her lips.

“You heard the call earlier. If Madeline doesn’t bring the money here to bail you out, you won’t be able to see the next daylight! However, think about it again. How is it possible that Madeline will show up to save you? How she wishes for your d***h!”

Her comment made Karen pale.

She could still recall what Madeline told her earlier that morning. ‘Those who added fuel to the flames are more despicable than those who turned a blind eye. Jeremy should d*e, but as the helper and encourager of that fake b*tch, Meredith, you deserve to d*e even more than him!’

It looked like Madeline really hated her to a point where she desired her d***h!

‘If that’s the case, it’s impossible to rely on Madeline to save me!’

While feeling the fear crawling through her, Karen then heard Yvonne’s comment. “If Madeline is out of her mind and really delivers the cash, that’ll be even better. I can hit two birds with a stone and get rid of you two together!”

However, Yvonne laughed and waved her hand. “I think it’s best if you don’t hold on to that hope. Unless Madeline is a fool, she’ll never take the risk for such a ‘good’ mother-in-law like you! Hahaha…”

She laughed arrogantly, then spun around to order the two men.

“Keep a close eye on her. We’ll divide the money equally if it arrives! If it doesn’t, finish her!”

Karen’s heart skipped a beat when she heard it. She was so scared that she curled herself in one corner, her palms drenched with cold sweat.

She thought that it was the end for her.

Yvonne was willing to reveal her true colors, and that would mean that she would do whatever it took to achieve her goal.

‘Will Madeline take the risk and come save me?


‘Madeline only wishes for my d***h!’