Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 682

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 682 – “Yes, I’m sure it’s her. I remember that she’s pretty.”

“Tsk, so what if she’s pretty? Does being pretty mean you can throw a tantrum on the road, cause your boyfriend to get hit by a car, and have him get sent to the intensive care unit?!”

“Exactly! She’s the siren who has drawn him to his ruin. I feel so bad for that handsome guy!”

Actually, Madeline could feel the strange looks from the chatty women right when she entered the elevator, so she already knew what was coming for her.

When Jeremy heard those words, he could not help but frown.

He could tell that the siren these women were talking about was referring to Madeline while the handsome guy they mentioned was him.

Sure enough, someone screamed in his direction in the next second. “Isn’t he the blind handsome guy from the video?!”

“Isn’t he d**d?!”

“Who said he died? He was sent into the intensive care unit!”

“But do you think he looks like he just came out of the intensive care unit?”

When Jeremy heard that, he could not just ignore it.

“Who said that my girlfriend’s a siren? Why would you say such nonsense?” he said in a cold voice, a bitter aura oozing off him.

The gossipping ladies nearby were a little shocked by Jeremy’s aura, but they still advised kindly and said, “Mr. Handsome, looks are useless. Your girlfriend’s personality is much too horrible. Just break up with her!”

“Yeah! Even though you escaped a disaster, she’ll be the d***h of you in the future!”

After they advised Jeremy, they pointed their fingers at Madeline to teach her a lesson.

“And you, what’s the matter with you, girl? Quarreling with your boyfriend on the roadside? So what if he complains a little about you? A woman like you who’s selfish and reckless just because you’re beautiful will eventually get dumped by all men!”

Madeline smiled instead of getting angry. She glanced at Jeremy who had a sullen face and went along with it. “It seems that in order to prevent myself from getting dumped by you, I have to dump you first, right?”

Madeline pretended to let go of his hand.

Jeremy stretched out his slender fingers and hurriedly clasped her five fingers. He looked for her in a daze and stared eagerly at her beautiful eyes. “Linnie, I need you. Don’t leave me.”

When the people around heard it, they all said, “This handsome guy is too stupid! If he can’t leave this kind of woman, he’ll regret it for the rest of his life!”

“Regret?” Jeremy said coldly, “What do you know? If Linnie hadn’t saved me, I would have died! How can you guys point fingers at my Linnie based on the untrue reports on the internet? If one day all of you find out the whole story, will you apologize to her? If you won’t, then shut your mouth now!”

The chatty women acted as if no fake news could come from the internet. Since they saw the video, it would not be untrue!

“Just from you guys saying that I was hit by a car and went into the intensive care unit, it’s enough to show how fake the things mentioned on the internet are!”



Jeremy’s words dumbfounded the chatty women and none of them dared to say another word.

After the elevator doors opened, Jeremy took Madeline’s hand and strode forward.

He almost forgot that he was blind when he led her forward.

Only then did he find out that what happened last night was put on the internet with false and exaggerated information, making Madeline the target of attacks and abuse by netizens as well as keyboard warriors.

Everyone thought that Madeline was an unreasonable person who got him k****d.

However, they did not know the truth of how desperate Madeline was to save him.

Jeremy held Madeline’s hand with even more heartache, but she broke free from his grasp in the next second.

“I’ll send you back now. I think your girlfriend should be waiting for you for your therapy session.”

“She’s not my girlfriend and I didn’t know that Felicity looks a lot like you.” Jeremy explained and felt for Madeline’s hand again. “Linnie, I’m sorry. My self-righteous decision not only made you unhappy, but it also made you look like the bad person.”

“It’s not the first I’m made out to be the bad person.” Madeline smiled indifferently and pulled Jeremy to the parking lot.

When she just walked to the car and was about to open the door, she saw a card stuck in the door handle.

Madeline thought it was an advertisement. Though when she picked it up and glanced at the content on the card, she was stunned by it.