Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 678

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 678 – She was confused as to why Madeline, who had amnesia, would still do such a thing for Jeremy.

‘Wouldn’t she only act out through her emotions if she remembered that she once loved that man deeply?’

Felicity could not figure it out, so she waited at the entrance of the hospital. After a long time, Jeremy and Madeline still had not come out.

Felicity paced as she waited. After running out of patience, she edited the videos that she had recorded.

She originally wanted to take pictures of Madeline and Jeremy meeting up alone for Felipe to see, but she was having other ideas now.

She edited the video so that it looked like Madeline and Jeremy were arguing on the streets before Madeline eventually turned around and left. Then, she edited Jeremy chasing after her and almost getting hit by a car. The scene of the previous car accident with the pool of blood on the road was then added.

Finally, she included descriptions of how an unreasonable girlfriend and her blind boyfriend were arguing on the street before her boyfriend got k****d in a car accident.

Felicity posted it on the internet on a throwaway account and paid for it to go viral. Soon, the video was quickly spread around.

Many netizens scolded Madeline badly after watching the video.

When girls saw the handsome blind guy in the car accident, they all felt distressed and sad for him. They also speculated that Madeline must have disliked him because of his blindness and that was the reason she broke up with him by the roadside.

Jeremy was hit by a car and ended up getting k****d because he still wanted to stay with her.

Felicity felt really good when she saw the incoming flood of comments scolding Madeline.

When Madeline accompanied Jeremy for his full-body examination, she realized that his arm was badly injured.

It seemed that when they were under the truck at that time, he wanted to make sure that she was not hurt by the chassis of the truck and shielded her head. As a result, he hurt himself.

By the time he was discharged, it was dawn.

Madeline called a taxi and brought Jeremy back to the villa.

Initially, she wanted to go back home straight away, but when she saw how Jeremy could not even walk properly, Madeline got out of the car again.

At that moment, Old Master Whitman and both of Jeremy’s parents were still asleep.

Madeline helped Jeremy back to his bedroom. Before she turned around, she saw their wedding photo album on the bed and a familiar-looking diary. She stopped in her steps.

She picked up the diary and flipped through a few pages, realizing that it was her own diary from a few years ago.

Inside it, she had written about her infatuation with Jeremy, but her love was only let down and trampled on by him.

In the end, she concluded, [I only wish to never meet him again in the next life]

Jeremy knew that Madeline had not left yet, but when she suddenly stopped moving, it made him nervous.

“Linnie, Linnie?”


Madeline threw the diary on the bedside cabinet as a touch of anger appeared in her eyes.

“Linnie?” Jeremy was still calling out to her, but Madeline just turned around and left.

The moment she stepped out of the place, she stood in the rainy darkness and suddenly felt lost. She wondered what was going on with her.

Was she going to repeat the same mistakes?

Was she once more going to have feelings for the man who once hurt her so much, even if she had lost her memories?

‘No, of course not.’

Madeline denied that she had any feelings for him. She just did not want to owe him.

That was the only reason.

After Madeline left, Jeremy touched the diary and understood why Madeline had suddenly gotten angry and left.

He touched the diary as if he was stroking Madeline’s face and smiled contentedly.

Madeline returned to Montgomery Manor. She tossed and turned the entire time she was in bed. When she started feeling a little sleepy, she suddenly heard rapid knocking on the door.

She opened her eyes in distress and found that it was already morning.

“Eveline, Eveline. Are you awake?” Eloise sounded anxious.

Madeline got up and opened the door. “What’s wrong? What happened?”