Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 67

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 67 – ‘Really?

‘So you only made a promise to Meredith in this lifetime?

‘So what you said back then were all just meaningless words? And I was just a scenery that you passed by in your life that’s not worth remembering.’


Madeline closed her eyes. She could not tell whether it was tears or rain that drenched her eyes.

Before she had the energy to stand up, Tanner and she were brought into the cop car.

During the 48 hours in detention, Madeline could not escape from being beaten up again.

However, she was numb to all this. She was so numb that she did not feel any pain when she started vomiting blood.

Only tears escaped her eyes uncontrollably. The tears seared her heart, blurring her vision and d******g her heart.

Madeline crawled on the ground and got to the iron bars. She received all kinds of kicks and punches on her back.

When she looked at the sunlight outside, she smiled lamentably.

While she was living in a world that she had created herself for so many years, that man had already completely forgotten about her.

It had been so many years and it turned out to be just her one-sided obsession.

Daniel spent a lot of time and effort to finally gather enough manpower and evidence to bail Madeline out.

He brought Madeline to Adam for a check-up. When Adam got the result, his face fell.

The m********n was controlling the growth of the tumor, but it had suddenly worsened.

He did not know what Madeline experienced during this period that caused the index to plummet. He prescribed some painkillers for Madeline, then started discussing with other experts in regards to Madeline’s immediate surgery.

When Jeremy went to the station to look for Madeline, he was told Madeline was already bailed out by someone.

He was livid. He found Madeline’s home and grabbed the woman who was just about to rest after coming back from the hospital.

“You’ve done so many immoral things and you’re still able to sleep so soundly?”

Madeline’s head was throbbing in pain. When she looked at his angry face, she smiled.

“Then what do you want, Mr. Whitman? Do you want to hire more people to beat me up or are you going to make it quick and just k**l me this time?”

It was evident that Jeremy was not happy with Madeline’s attitude. He pulled her up. “You must be dreaming if you think you can d*e so easily.”

His words awakened Madeline’s muddled thoughts.

She saw an eeriness and coldness that she had never seen before in Jeremy’s eyes.

That terrifying cold air invaded Madeline’s entire body once again.

She struggled in terror. “Jeremy, what else are you trying to do? Will you only be happy when I d*e?”

“You’ll only benefit from being d**d. Madeline, I want you to live a life that’s worse than d***h.”

Madeline did not know what cruel tricks Jeremy still had up his sleeves to deal with her. She wanted to escape from his hold, but he was too strong. He dragged her out of the house easily.

He did not use too much force to drag Madeline to the car before pushing her in. Then, he ordered the driver to start driving.

Madeline had spent so much time calming herself down, but now she was on the verge of a breakdown again.

“Jeremy, I never hurt anyone. Meredith is the one who keeps on framing me. Why don’t you go and investigate her? You’re such a smart man, so why are you being fooled by Meredith?”

Perhaps Madeline’s tears had touched Jeremy as he seemed to have hesitated slightly.