Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 656

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 656 – [Madeline Crawford, I like you.]

Whose confession was that?

On the other hand, Jeremy had kept himself shut in his room after he came back from getting the divorce certificate.

Touching his empty ring finger, he did not know what else he could use to miss the woman he loved but could not get.

Only this deformed divorce certificate was proof that Madeline once belonged to him and him only.

However, that was only the past…

A week passed in a flash.

Jeremy knew that Madeline would leave for F Country with Jackson today.

Perhaps they would come back later, but he did not know when it would be.

He only knew that she was going further and further away from him.

However, even if she was now standing in front of him, he could not see nor touch her anymore.

Madeline was once again on the flight to F Country. Jackson was sitting beside her while Felipe carried Lily to the washroom.

Before the flight took off, Madeline had received a call from the head who managed the store on Crystal Street, asking her to confirm something.

Madeline turned on her computer to settle some work matters, but when she was about to shut it down, she accidentally clicked on a folder she had never seen before.

She randomly clicked on one of the txt files in the folder. She spaced out after opening it and seeing the contents.

[I never thought that you would leave me like this. You wouldn’t, right? This must be a prank, right? Don’t joke about things like this, Madeline. It’s not funny.

[You said you loved me and that you’d bother me forever. Why is your forever so short? It can’t be. I refuse to believe that it is…

[You must be doing this on purpose, Madeline. You’re doing this so that I would never forget you and so that I would miss you forever. You’re sly, but I won’t fall for it. Madeline…]

It was a diary.
She did not know whose diary it was, but she saw the person’s reluctance and heartache in the text.

After being frozen for a while, she clicked on the next document.

[Madeline, I miss you so much. Didn’t you say I’d regret it? I really regret it. Can you hear me?]

A short and simple sentence contained the repentance of the person who wrote the text.
Madeline’s fingers trembled slightly as she continued reading them one by one.

Then, she saw Jeremy’s name in the document.

[Madeline, this is the 100th day since you left. I never thought that the color of the sky could be so dark, but my world has become like this ever since I lost you.

[I always thought that you were not important to me, but the moment when you fell into my arms on the brink of your d***h, I wished the one who died would be me, Jeremy, instead.

[Madeline, I really miss you. I miss you so, so much… If I could do this all over again, I would rather we never met as long as you’re well.]

Seeing this, Madeline’s emotions gradually wandered on the verge of losing control.

These words and sentences that contained such affection were actually written by Jeremy.

He actually missed her and liked her this much.

However, his love and yearning for her had obviously expired. He took off the wedding ring which was enough to show that he had moved on.

“Mommy, are we really not waiting for Daddy to go to F Country together?” Jackson’s soft and childish voice was filled with reluctance for Jeremy. He gently pulled at Madeline’s hands. “Mommy, can we wait for Daddy and then go together?”

Madeline controlled her emotions and smiled at Jackson. “Jack, from now on, Lily’s dad is your dad.”

“Why?” Jack’s cute eyebrows frowned. “I want my own dad.”


“Mommy, is it because Daddy did something wrong and that’s why you’re not bringing him to F Country? Is it because Daddy can no longer see that Mommy doesn’t want him anymore?”

Madeline’s heartbeat stopped a bit upon hearing this. Her beautiful eyes widened in disbelief. “Jack, what did you say? Your dad can no longer see?”