Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 644

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 644 – “Didn’t he hurt his leg? How did he get discharged so soon?” Madeline remembered that Jeremy’s hands and legs were injured.

Eloise avoided Madeline’s gaze as she went over to help her. She said slowly, “Since the doctor said he can be discharged from the hospital, I think there should be no major problems.”

“He’s fine. I don’t want to owe him anything,” Madeline said indifferently, revealing her determination to draw a clear relationship with Jeremy.

Eloise smiled and nodded, not daring to tell Madeline that Jeremy’s injuries were serious.

He had hurt the muscles and bones in his calf and was currently having difficulty walking.

He even lost sight in his eyes and could not see anything now.

After Felipe returned from the hospital, the first thing he did was to have his men investigate Madeline’s kidnapping.

Following the trail of Madeline’s kidnapping, he found Tanner who was hiding in an apartment building one step before the police. At the same time, he learned of the entanglement between Tanner and Madeline.

Tanner struggled all the way as he was taken to Felipe’s villa in the suburbs.

The sunset was magnificent here.

Felipe sat elegantly by the flowerbed in the courtyard, sipping his black tea in a leisurely manner.

“Who are you? Why did you bring me here? Hurry up and let go of me!” Tanner yelled as he neared.

Very quickly, Felipe’s men pushed Tanner, who was struggling wildly, in front of Felipe.

Tanner staggered and fell in front of Felipe. He raised his eyes sharply and was dumbfounded when he saw the handsome, distinguished, and elegant man in front of him.

“You… Who are you? Why did these people bring me here?”

Felipe lifted the corners of his lips superficially, his tone lazy and casual when he spoke, “Don’t you know what you’ve done?”

Tanner trembled. Could it be that the loan sharks were collecting his debt?

Just as he was making his guess, Felipe stood up. His smart and tall figure exuded a treacherous aura that pressed down the air around them.

“People who make Madeline unhappy can only wish to be happy in this life.”

He laughed, his eyes darkening suddenly.

“Give him a good memory and don’t get my place d***y.”

“Yes, Master Whitman.”

Hearing this, Tanner knew that this man had come for him because of Madeline.

Tanner’s mouth twitched at the sight of the burly bodyguards in black.

He finally knew to be afraid, but it was too late.

Half an hour later, the bodyguard reported back to Felipe and also informed him of Jeremy’s situation.

After hearing this, Felipe spread a smile on his lips. “Blindness? Broken calf? Are you sure?”

“Yes, and he left the hospital early in the morning to prevent Miss Eveline from knowing about his condition.”

Felipe’s eyes narrowed slightly as he heard this.

‘Jeremy, it seems that I’ve underestimated your feelings for Eveline.

‘But I really didn’t expect you to become blind. It seems that even G*d is giving me a hand.’

He opened the info record sent from F Country and smiled meaningfully.

In the past few days after having returned from the hospital, Jeremy had stayed in the room alone.

He experienced the darkness and anxiety Madeline had faced back then and felt even more distressed.

Only now did he know how difficult it was for a blind person to live a normal life.

He felt that he had lost the right to love her just because of the pain he brought upon Madeline back then.

Jeremy repeatedly listened to the song ‘Innocence and Evil’ that Madeline once sang under the heavy cloudy sky. Suddenly, there was a dispute from downstairs.

He listened carefully and found that Eloise had come over. Karen was angry and complaining about how Madeline made her son blind.

Although Jeremy’s leg injury had not healed, he did not have major problems walking. He fumbled downstairs.

Seeing him approach, Eloise walked toward him quickly.

“Eloise, your daughter has already hurt my son like this. Can you stop pestering Jeremy?” Karen ran over to stop her.

Jeremy looked up and showed his dissatisfaction with Karen before opening his mouth to ask Eloise worriedly, “Did something happen to Linnie? Why did you come to me so suddenly?”