Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 638

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 638 – That accomplice was most likely an enemy of hers as well.

By the time Madeline could guess who that woman might be, Tanner had hung up and returned.

He took a rope to tie Madeline’s legs together while he continued to spout vile things from his mouth. “Just wait obediently for me to come back, Madeline. Then, I’ll show you how good I am!”

Tanner then blindfolded Madeline’s eyes with a scrap piece of cloth before leaving the factory happily and locking the door behind him.

Madeline tried to struggle, but it was to no avail.

Time ticked soundlessly away and it was already nine o’clock.

In the town office, Jermey waited quietly.

Watching young couples walking in happily hand-in-hand and walking out with sweet smiles on their faces, Jeremy could not help but think of the scene when he and Madeline had gotten registered.

She was just like these girls, eyes full of hope as she admired him carefully.

Thinking of her adoration-filled eyes, Jeremy’s heart ached.

It was his fault for not cherishing their time together, so how could he blame Madeline for her decision today?

Jeremy snapped back from his thoughts and looked at the time. It was already nine-thirty.

As selfishly as Jeremy wished for Madeline not to appear, they had promised to meet at nine o’clock and she was late. Jeremy felt uneasy.

He immediately called Madeline, but no one answered.

He was about to call her again but instead received a call from the police saying that Madeline’s car had stopped by the road. Its window was smashed and the person was gone.

They had called him because Jeremy was still listed as her husband when they searched for her kinship.

Jeremy knew something was wrong before the call ended.

Thinking about how Madeline might be in peril, Jeremy frantically contacted Jackson who was still in kindergarten.

Jackson’s phone was the only device with the application that could track Madeline’s immediate location.

Soon enough, Jackson sent the address to Jeremy. Hiding in the bathroom, he called his father secretly. “Did something happen to Mommy, Daddy?”

Jeremy was driving nervously but made sure to comfort Jackson warmly. “Don’t worry, Jack. Daddy will bring your Mommy home safe. Go back to class, baby.”

Jackson obeyed and did not ask anymore.

The call ended and he stared at the blinking red dot on his phone, his large glossy eyes blinking in tandem.

Arriving at the location as fast as he could, Jeremy realized he had arrived at an abandoned factory.

He stopped the car at the gate and went to stand at the windows when he realized the door inside was padlocked.

He thought to take a look at the situation inside first, but looking up, he was met with the sight of Madeline being tied up.

Her hands and legs were tied while her eyes were blindfolded. Her jacket had also been ripped up, leaving her fair shoulders and arms for all to see.

Jeremy felt his heart hurt as he watched her struggle against her binds. Raising a fist, he punched the glass window in front of him.

C***h! The window shattered.

Madeline tucked her feet toward her reflexively and looked up despite only seeing black.

“Who’s there?” she asked skeptically although she knew that this was most likely not the same person who took her. After all, Tanner would not need to break the window if it was him.

Jeremy ran toward Madeline, his heart aching at the sight. He took his jacket off to wrap it around Madeline’s shoulder.

Taking in the cool and familiar scent of cedar, Madeline felt her heart quicken. “Jeremy? Is it you?”