Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 637

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 637 – Madeline looked up to stare at that wretched smile. The man was a stranger, but she felt like they had crossed paths before.

She was certain that he must have been an enemy of hers before she lost her memories, or he would not do something so extreme, let alone say something along the lines of ‘we meet again’.

Tanner squatted down to grab Madeline’s delicate chin as she stared at him with a sharp and analytic gaze.

“Tsk. What? You don’t remember this old friend of yours?”

Madeline turned her face to fight Tanner’s hold with a dignified look in her eyes. “Good friend? Who are you to call yourself that?”

Tanner was displeased. “What are you even arrogant about, Madeline Crawford? Let me tell you. Now that you’ve fallen into my hands again, I’m never going to let you go!”

He stood up and gave Madeline a gluttonous look from above. Regardless of what angle he stared from, Madeline was still breathtaking.

No. It would be more accurate to say that she had grown even more beautiful and alluring than before.

Feeling Tanner’s gaze roam over her, Madeline tried to evade it, though it was to no avail as there was a limit to how much she could do with her arms tied together. There was nothing she could do but sit as Tanner looked at her.

Soon enough, Madeline had a bad feeling.

Indeed, wicked thoughts had surfaced in Tanner’s head after all that staring.

He bent down and began to take Madeline’s jacket off.

“Get off!” Madeline lifted her foot to kick Tanner’s abdomen. Her sharp eyes glowered, and her voice was strong. “If you touch a hair of mine, I’ll make your life a living h**l!”

Realizing Madeline was about to kick him again, Tanner grabbed her legs in a d***h grip, holding Madeline in place no matter how she tried to kick him away.

His eyes swam with shameless and abhorrent thoughts as he slowly approached Madeline.

“Now that I’ve caught you, there’s no way I’m holding back!”

His gaze was wretched while his smile was sinister.

“I wouldn’t mind d***g if I get to have fun with you. To s********h a girl Jeremy Whitman once did, doesn’t that mean I’m just as good as him?”

Jeremy Whitman.

The name made its way to Madeline’s heart.

He should be waiting for her at the town office, right?

“I’ve had my eyes on you for a long while, Madeline! I’ve been wanting to s********h you since seven years ago. This day has finally come!”

Tanner then pounced on Madeline and pulled her jacket off.

“Get off! Don’t touch me!” Madeline struggled, her bound hands searching for something that she could use to retaliate with.

All she could get a hold of was sand.

Biting her lips, she threw a handful of sand into Tanner’s eyes.


Tanner was tearing Madeline’s jacket off when pain suddenly sparked in his eyes and his vision blurred.

Mortified, his actions grew b****l but was stopped by his phone ringing.

“Just you wait, Madeline. I’ll make you suffer!” Tanner warned fiercely as he rubbed his eyes and turned to take a call.

Madeline let out a breath of relief and scanned her surroundings calmly. Just as she thought of escaping, Tanner’s proud voice drifted to her.

“Bullsh*t. Of course, I’ve got it handled. She’s right here.

“We split the money in half. We’ll still get to live freely even with the debt paid back. As for her, I’ll definitely have my fun torturing her!

“Tsk. You’re the only one evil enough to think of such a plan, you wicked b*tch! Fine. I’ll be there shortly!”

With that, Madeline now knew that there was an accomplice on the other side of the phone and that the accomplice was a woman.