Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 636

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 636 – Her phone vibrated. It was a call from Felipe.

Walking to the balcony, Madeline picked up the call and told him that she would be registering hers and Jeremy’s divorce tomorrow.

Felipe was elated at the news but expressed his shame for not being able to fetch Madeline as he had things to do tomorrow.

They ended the call, and Madeline closed her eyes in thought as she let the wind blow past her face. Jeremy’s face seemed to be the only thing clear in every snippet of her recovered memory.

Madeline woke up early the following day.

Venturing to the kitchen, Madeline made breakfast for Jackson and the Montgomery couple. It was a rare scenario that both Eloise and Sean were grateful for.

It was good news to them that Madeline had not gone to F Country as planned.

For at least now they could see their daughter frequently.

After breakfast, Madeline stated that she was going to meet Jeremy at the town office to register their divorce, which stunned both Eloise and Sean as they stared at Madeline. Their mouths opened and closed, but no words came out.

“If this is your final decision, Eveline, then Mom and Dad will support you no matter what.” Eloise laid out both hers and Sean’s thoughts in the open.

Madeline stared at the image in her phone thoughtfully before she asked, “Was I deeply in love with Jeremy back then?”

Eloise nodded. “You were. Mom heard that you had a crush on him since you were in university. However, he…”

“However, he kept hurting me.” Madeline smiled. Without much else said, Madeline drove to the town office.

Not everything came with a second chance…

Outside the town office, Jeremy stood dazedly while waiting for Madeline’s arrival.

He wanted to see her, but at that moment, he wished she would not appear.

A divorce.

The two words sunk deep into his heart like icicles, making it hurt as it grew cold.

Yet who was he to decline when he had so harshly held her hand and forced her to sign the divorce papers after Meredith turned her blind.

It did not matter that the papers were not processed, for the harm had been inflicted.


Jeremy closed his eyes despondently and stared at the wedding ring on his fourth finger.

‘You probably don’t know this, Linnie.

‘But I was elated the day we got married.

‘I was so happy that I could not sleep the night before.

‘Not that I showed such an expression to anyone.

‘You might not know this either, Linnie, but ever since the moment you placed the ring on my finger, I never had the heart to take it off.

‘Even if we part ways for the rest of our lives, I can promise that I’ll still keep it in my hands. Forever.’

Madeline was driving to the town office with her head filled with recent events when a black car suddenly drove toward her and blocked her path. She stepped on the brakes before an accident occurred.

From the black car alighted a man in a mask and a baseball cap. He was currently running toward her.

Feeling unsafe, Madeline immediately locked the car doors and shut all the windows. She had not expected the man to smash the window brutally with a tool, and she certainly had not expected him to hold a dagger to her throat.

Madeline was forced to get into the black car which then brought her to a remote abandoned factory.

The man tied Madeline’s arms roughly and pushed her to the floor before he took off the mask and the baseball cap. Proud of himself, he smiled wickedly at her.

“We meet again, Madeline Crawford.”