Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 634

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 634 – She clenched her fists indignantly before suddenly turning to push Karen harshly out of the way. She then ran toward the gates.

“Ow!” Caught off guard, Karen knocked into Winston.

“Take care of Grandfather, Linnie. I’ll catch her.” Jeremy immediately ran after her.

“That b*tch! I should never have taken care of such an unfilial rascal!” Karen shouted.

The care worker looked at Madeline sheepishly from behind the old master’s wheelchair. “My apologies, Miss Crawford. I’ve misunderstood you.”

“My name’s Eveline Montgomery. You can call me Miss Montgomery.” Madeline smiled softly. “I don’t blame you for telling the truth.”

She walked toward Old Master Whitman and broke into a smile. “That was cheeky, Grandfather. I didn’t know you could speak such coherent sentences already.”

Old Master Whitman responded with a deep gaze. “You’ve been wronged again, my child.”

Madeline shook her head with a smile. “Misunderstandings tend to unfurl sooner or later. I don’t mind being misunderstood, but I’m afraid not everyone is willing to admit to their mistakes when the truth is written in front of them.”

Karen looked ashamed as she felt Madeline’s words were implied at her.

“My sincerest apologies, Madeline. For all my horrendous words and accusations when I misunderstood you for p*******g the old master.” Winston apologized. Both the man’s attitude and tone were nothing short of sincere, and his eyes shone with sympathy which Madeline had not expected.

“You’ve suffered too many wrongings and slanders ever since you married into the Whitman family. Now that I think about it, none of those things had conclusive proof. I can completely understand if you hate us and wish for revenge.”

Winston’s gaze was warm as he pulled Karen over. “Apologize to Madeline already. If you, as her mother-in-law, had been a little smarter, Madeline would never have suffered as much as she did these years as our daughter-in-law.”

“…” Karen struggled out of Winston’s grasp in displeasure. “What does it have to do with me? It’s not like I’m the one who hurt her.”

“You’re still claiming that it has nothing to do with you? Are you telling me you’ve never hurt Madeline?”


“It’s alright, Mr. Whitman.” Madeline interrupted with a smile. “I don’t need a forced and insincere apology.”

She glanced at Karen’s arrogant expression.

“It’s very late, Grandfather. I’ll be going home now. You should get some rest soon.”


“I’ll be back to visit you tomorrow.”

Her promise brought a comforting smile to Old Master Whitman’s face.

“It’s already very late. You might as well stay since you and Jeremy are still husband and wife.” Winston persuaded. “Jeremy knows he made a mistake, so give him another chance.”

“Jeremy and I will be registering our divorce at the town office tomorrow. We aren’t husband and wife.”

Madeline’s response had both Winston and Old Master Whitman sighing under their breaths.

Madeline made her way to the villa’s gates, and in the dark of the night, she stared at Jeremy’s approaching shadow.

Realizing she was about to leave, Jeremy merely smiled but did not say ask her to stay. “She got in a car and ran. Don’t worry, though, she won’t get too far.”

Under the silver moonlight, his eyes warmed now that Yvonne’s situation had been solved. “It’s late. Let me send you back.” He turned and walked to the garage.

Staring at his retreating figure, Madeline suddenly smiled. “I must say, you have quite the acting skills, Jeremy.”

At that, Jermey’s footsteps came to an abrupt halt.