Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 621

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 621 – At that, everyone’s gazes fell on the female care worker.

Yvonne’s heart thumped, remembering the scene where she had stolen the jewelry box and wallet before running down the stairs.

She had coincidentally stumbled upon Old Master Whitman who was being pushed out from the guest room on the first floor. They had locked eyes when they saw each other.

She had been too frantic that very moment to realize that there was a care worker behind Old Master Whitman.

Thinking that she had been seen, Yvonne staggered two steps backward.

“You know who hit me?” Karen asked, pointing at Madeline, “Was it her?”

Displeased by Karen’s interrogation method, Jeremy was about to open his mouth when he saw the care worker look at Madeline while nodding.

“Yes, it was this lady.”

Both Madeline and Jeremy showed the same shocked expression at her response.

Winston was stunned and pointed at Madeline. “Are you sure it was this lady?”

The care worker took a closer look at Madeline’s face and replied without a doubt, “It’s her. This lady has lovely looks, so there’s no way I would mistake her.”

The care worker continued to explain. “I was pushing the old master to the courtyard when I heard someone running down the stairs. When I pushed the old master out the room, I saw this lady standing right there.”

She pointed at the spot by the stairs.

Yvonne was dazed as she heard the other speak. She was overwhelmed with joy.

Of course, she saw Madeline about to enter the house when she was trying to run away. She could not believe that by doing so, Madeline had become her scapegoat.

That was great news!

“You’ve heard her! I’m not framing her!” Karen grew bold. “She must have first run into my room to steal my accessories and wallet, then hit me when she was afraid that I would find out. I’d like to see how you’re going to object to this, Madeline!”

“Linnie doesn’t need to object to anything because she hasn’t done what you’re accusing her of.” Jeremy was adamant about Madeline’s innocence.

Seeing the determination and trust in Jeremy’s eyes, Madeline knew he meant his words.

“Have you truly lost your rationality to this woman’s charms, Jeremy? She hit your mom and you’re still defending her?” Karen glared venomously at Madeline in her infuriation.

Madeline was unfazed. She turned to ask the care worker, “You said you heard someone run down the stairs, then you saw me standing there, yes? I’d like to know if you actually saw me hit her.”

The care worker frowned. “I didn’t, but—”

“No buts.” Jeremy interrupted, his words leaving no room for doubt. “If you didn’t see Linnie hit her, then the footsteps could very much belong to someone else.”

Winston nodded as well after a moment. “Jeremy and Madeline are right. No one saw Madeline hit you.”

Karen was beyond infuriated. “You… You two have gone mad! My head is bleeding and you’re still protecting that witch!”

“Don’t be angry, Aunty Karen. Take care of your health.”

Yvonne comforted her with false affection before turning around to speak to Jeremy in a soft tone.

“There’s even a witness pointing at her, Jeremy. Aunty Karen’s injured too, you shouldn’t—”

“I didn’t ask you yet. Why are you here? Who let you in?” Jeremy cut her off coldly.

“I called Yvonne over!” Karen huffed. “Fine, since you’re all going to stand on her side, then I’ll get justice for me by myself!”

She pulled Yvonne with her. “Come, Yvonne, we’re reporting this to the police station!”

Yvonne was startled. Reporting to the police?

“Sounds good. I’m all for making a police report,” Madeline spoke openly.

Karen scoffed. “Don’t look so proud of yourself, Madeline. Just wait for the police to catch you! Let’s go, Yvonne!”

Unable to reject her, Yvonne followed.