Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 60

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 60 – Meredith blinked innocently and harmlessly, her tone soft and weak.

However, men seemed to be blind to the most obvious performances. A performance like this was especially effective on men.

Madeline knew Jeremy would agree without even thinking about it. Soon, she saw him nodding. “Stay, then.”

Sure enough.

Madeline found it ridiculous, and she could feel Meredith looking at her provocatively from the corner of her eyes.

However, Meredith could only feel proud for a few seconds as she soon saw Jeremy glancing at Mrs. Hughes. He ordered, “Go and prepare a guest room for Miss Crawford.”

Madeline was drinking her soup and almost choked when she heard this.

The triumphant color on Meredith’s face almost completely disappeared in an instant.

What the h**l?

Meredith felt that this was too unbelievable. ‘Am I the Miss Crawford he mentioned?’

When she thought about it, Madeline felt that it was not right.

How could Jeremy neglect the love of his life?

However, the fact was that he really meant Meredith.

Seeing Meredith trying to maintain a gentle and generous image while the veins on her forehead were near to bursting, Madeline felt extremely pleased.

However, Madeline did not think that Jeremy really wanted to snub Meredith. He was probably too embarrassed to carry on his clandestine love affair with Meredith when the housekeeper was here.

However, not long after Madeline returned to the room, Jeremy arrived.

Madeline was exhausted as she looked at the man who was slowly undressing. “Jeremy, what do you want?”

After she said that, the room fell silent. The only sound was the sound of rain falling outside the window.

After a while, Jeremy said in a cold voice, “Don’t you want to keep your position as Mrs. Whitman?” He turned his head and there was an intriguing light in his deep eyes. “Since you’re so reluctant to give up the position of Mrs. Whitman, then you should thoroughly enjoy it.”

He sounded very calm, but Madeline felt a blast of cold air all over her body. This coldness penetrated her skin and went straight to her heart, making her shudder.

The next day when Madeline got up, the entire house was empty.

Madeline knew in her heart that Meredith was enraged by her last night, so it was impossible for her to stop causing trouble now.

To avoid being framed by Meredith again, Madeline left immediately and returned to Ava’s place.

Ava had not yet woken up. She jumped up from the bed after hearing Madeline’s detailed retelling of what happened yesterday. “Jeremy didn’t divorce you? Say, Maddie, did Jeremy suddenly find his conscience? Is that why he feels sorry for you and wants to make things up to you?”

Madeline shook her head and smiled sadly. “How would he care about me? He has no choice but to do it because of the old master. The person he loves is Meredith.”


He told her that ever since the day he met Meredith, that he wanted to take her as his wife.

He loved Meredith, and it was impossible for him to let his beloved woman feel any sort of grievance just because he felt guilty about what he had done to her.

What was more, he could ignore his biological daughter, so how would he care about her life or d***h?

She felt a sudden pain in her heart and the area where the tumor was also started throbbing. Madeline quickly took the pill given to her by Adam.

Fine beads of sweat soon covered her forehead. She bit her lip hard as she felt the tearing pain while completely sober. She thought about the baby girl who had left the world before she could even take a look at her. Tears quickly blurred her vision.

She needed to hold on.