Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 598

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 598 – “No wonder Young Master Whitman’s business has dropped drastically. Perhaps it’s because of having such a mother!”

“However, Young Master Whitman has such a capable wife. I’m sure it’ll be an easy task to start all over again.”

After hearing the comments from the crowd, Karen picked up her purse while feeling embarrassed and fled from the scene.

She had no choice but to escape from the scene to prevent further humiliation.

“Security, please take this lowly person out of here. Let’s carry on with the contest.” The judges glared at Yvonne.

Yvonne clenched both her fists, feeling dissatisfied from the bottom of her heart.

“Don’t touch me. I’ll walk on my own!”

She threw a temper and shoved the security aside. It was only after glaring at Madeline that she was willing to leave the scene.

Jeremy lowered his gaze and held onto Madeline’s hand. “Linnie, why didn’t you let me know that they were plotting against you behind your back?”

Madeline let out a smile and said with a faint tone, “Women shouldn’t always depend on their man, especially someone who had once harmed them so many times. I’ll never depend on those men.”

After blurting out her comment, Madeline retrieved her hand from Jeremy’s grasp.

His expression went icy all of a sudden as he felt his heartbeat skip a few beats. “Linnie?”

He called out to her, but Madeline ignored him and spun around to leave.

The crowd felt curious and looked at Jeremy who was standing on the stage as if his soul had left his body.

‘What’s going on?’

‘Are they having a fight?’

After some time, Jeremy snapped out of it. In the meantime, Madeline had already returned to her seat in the contestants’ area.

Jeremy headed down the stage, not conscious of his actions at all as his mind was all jumbled up.

‘Did Linnie change her personality again?

‘No way.

‘If she had, she wouldn’t have returned to the contestants’ area and continued with the contest.’

This threw Jeremy for a loop and this went on until all the designs were displayed and the result of the contest was out. Madeline emerged as the victor with a huge lead. At that split second, Jeremy managed to regain his regular breathing and heartbeat.

He glanced at Madeline going up the stage, along with the runner-up and the second runner-up.

She stood at the center of the stage. Under the lights, she appeared like a sparkling star, demonstrating the most gorgeous side of hers.

The uprising young lad was the one to present Madeline with the trophy, and this was followed by Madeline giving a speech of gratitude.

Jeremy listened to the speech absentmindedly as Madeline’s crystal clear voice tickled his ears.

“I’m grateful for the acknowledgment given by all the judges and most grateful for those who made the effort to vote for me. I’m able to emerge as the winner thanks to everyone’s support. However, among all the supporters, there’s one person I would like to express my gratitude for specifically.”

Her gorgeous eyes then fell on Jeremy.

“This person once used to rub salt against my wound when I was at my most helpless moment in life, and that’s my ex-husband, Jeremy Whitman.”

Jeremy never expected he would be named in such a situation.

He felt his heart skip a beat.

‘Could it be possible that she has recovered her memories?’

Many pairs of eyes were fixed on Jeremy, yet he remained calm as he stared at Madeline on the stage.

Madeline turned to face him as well. However, her gaze was much colder than her tone. “Jeremy Whitman, thanks for letting me understand that in a woman’s life, it’s not necessarily all about love. Without you, I can still live a better life.

“Today, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you one last thing. I, Eveline Montgomery, will no longer be your wife. From today onward, we won’t owe each other any favors and we’ll each go our separate ways.”