Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 597

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 597 – ‘What?!’

Karen never expected that Madeline would so boldly call her foolish on such an occasion.

Even though her status was not the same as previously, most people in Glendale knew Madeline was Jeremy’s wife. As such, they would also know that the mother-in-law Madeline mentioned was no one other than Karen!

A commotion broke out at the scene as the crowd started heatedly discussing.

Jeremy was sitting not far away. His face was covered with a thin layer of ice even though he was not speaking.

Eloise and Sean, who were sitting in front of Karen, spun around. “Karen, did you do something to harm my daughter again? What’s with those statements blurted by your niece?!” Eloise questioned.

With Eloise’s comment, everyone came to realize that Karen was the foolish mother-in-law who Madeline mentioned.

Facing so many suspicious gazes, Karen immediately stood up. “Madeline, what are you blabbering in this kind of situation? I still want to conserve my dignity even if you plan to discard yours!”

Madeline raised her brows. “If you want to preserve your dignity, you wouldn’t have planned this entire act with your beloved niece in the very first place.”

Karen’s expression froze up as her cheeks gradually turned scarlet. “You… What gibberish are you talking about?! Since when did I plan this whole thing with Yvonne?”

Yvonne also quickly denied it. “Madeline, you shouldn’t blame others! It’s you who copied other people’s work and submitted it. I’m the one being wronged thanks to you!”

“Being wronged?” Madeline said with her eyes giving off an icy stare.

“Yvonne, do you think I’m an i***t?”

Madeline forced her glare upon Yvonne, making the latter take in a deep, chilly breath subconsciously.

“You and your aunt planned this to cause me trouble. You want to taint my pride as the designer of Miss L.ady and ruin my life. Do you think I’m not aware of it?”

It turned out that Madeline was fully aware of their scheme!

This left Karen and Yvonne dumbfounded.

Madeline shifted her critical gaze to Karen. “I knew you wanted to steal my design since a long time ago. That’s why I purposely let you do so and even allowed you to enter my study and use my laptop. I even let you in on which design I’ve decided to submit on purpose.”

“You thought that sending Yvonne a copy of my design would make her the original designer, and when I display the exact design, it’ll make me the copycat. Isn’t that what you both have been planning all this while?”

Without a single error, Madeline pointed out Karen and Yvonne’s plot.

They both thought they had planned a flawless trap for Madeline. However, it turned out that they were just two chess pieces in Madeline’s eyes.

Yvonne was apoplectic with rage. “You’re such a b*tch, Madeline! How dare you plot a scheme against me?!”

“Shut your c**p.” Jeremy went up the stage and yanked Madeline to his side. His sharp gaze was fixed on Yvonne. “Who’s the one plotting a scheme against others? How dare you question Linnie?”

Feeling unsatisfied, Yvonne bit her lip and said, “It’s as plain as the sky that she’s the one setting up a trap for me!”

“Yeah, I set up a trap. My plot was to use your scheme against you two. If you both didn’t have any ill intentions, thinking about using such an underhanded method to set me up, things wouldn’t have ended like this.”

“Don’t you wish to see my life ruined? Well, I’m sorry to let you down. The one whose life is now ruined is you, Yvonne.” Madeline gave her last comment, which was like blades stabbing right into Yvonne’s body.

The obedient mask she was wearing slowly crumbled as her true cunning self was revealed. She fixed her pair of eyes that were filled with hatred on Madeline.

“I can’t believe there’s such a person.”

“Well, nowadays, people will go through all means just to be famous.”