Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 591

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 591 – All the servants and bodyguards were awakened and came rushing out, but none of them could stop Jeremy who was giving off a m*******s aura.

“Ask Felipe to come out and meet me.” He walked to the center of the hall and glared at the bodyguards who were blocking him.

“Why the crowd when it’s my nephew who wants to meet me?” Felipe’s voice was heard coming from upstairs.

Jeremy’s cold eyes shifted over to see Felipe taking his own sweet time to come down.

Felipe was in a loose bathrobe with a carefree expression on his face. “You guys should be resting when it’s time to rest. Don’t interrupt my reunion with my lovely nephew.” He then sent the servants and bodyguards away.

Soon, there were only the two of them in the hall.

“Felipe Whitman, is this your way of snatching someone’s wife? By constantly giving pressure to Linnie and making her suffer? Are you happy about it?” Rage was brewing within Jeremy’s orbs as he questioned.

Felipe smirked,” I pressured Linnie just so she could regain her memories sooner,” he looked at Jeremy with a disdainful and suspicious look, “Of course, you don’t wish for Madeline to recover her memories, because that will mean that she’ll remember how she used to hate you, right?”

“Haha.” Jeremy laughed. “Don’t think I’m as lowly as you. I’d rather have Linnie bearing a grudge against me as long as she’s happy, healthy, and without any suffering!”

After hearing Jeremy’s comment, Felipe felt even more crossed.

However, Jeremy was not even bothered about Felipe being mad. He warned, saying, “Never let me see you pressuring Linnie again. I’ll m****r you if anything happens to Linnie.”

He glanced at Felipe with a stony gaze and spun around to leave.

Just when Jeremy was about to reach the doorway, Felipe called out to him, “Jeremy, it’s not only you who treats Madeline sincerely. I do too.”

Jeremy smirked before turning around. “Sincerely? You wouldn’t be pressuring Linnie if you really love her.”

“To you, it might sound like I’m pressuring her, but to me, I view it as a form of treatment,” said Felipe as his expression became serious. “Of course, I love Madeline. I’ve loved her since 18 years ago.”

’18 years ago?’

Jeremy’s expression darkened.

“Don’t you remember what happened 18 years ago at the beach of April Hill?” said Felipe as he sauntered over to Jeremy, putting on a smile. “I’m 18 years late, but this time, I’ll never hand Madeline over to you.”

After the rain, the atmosphere was extremely chilling.

Madeline did not know that last night, Jeremy had gone to look for Felipe.

During breakfast, there was a piece of news being broadcasted on the television. The news was about a k****r, Meredith, who was about to be sentenced to d***h on that day.

Meredith had cost the lives of two people, so Madeline was not feeling the slightest sense of sorrow.

That year, she took all measures to protect those who were dear to her. In the end, it was these people who were plotting a scheme against her.

She was no noble being. Hence, she would not feel sorry for such an evil person.

“Hmph, I can’t believe she’ll be sentenced to d***h so soon,” said Karen suddenly, “Jeremy, don’t feel sad for this kind of woman. Just let her be d**d for good.”

“Cough.” Winston coughed, beckoning Karen to keep her mouth shut. “Jeremy has clearly said that he never liked that woman. Why are you still talking gibberish?”

“How could he never have liked her? They’ve been together for six years. Are you saying that our son is that cold-hearted?” Karen raised her brows and observed Madeline’s expression quietly.

She thought of irritating Madeline but noticed that she was not even bothered by her.

Karen puckered her lips in dissatisfaction and added, “Say, my daughter-in-law, you really love Jeremy, don’t you? Even when Jeremy and Meredith were together back then, you still did whatever it took to come between them. I’d say…”