Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 58

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 58 – Meredith pointed at Madeline and yelled at her. She abandoned her usual hypocritical and gentle image.

Mrs. Hughes was not surprised by Meredith’s fierceness and viciousness. It was obvious that she had seen Meredith’s true face a long time ago.

Madeline originally wanted to leave, but seeing Meredith being all flustered and exasperated at this moment, she simply sat on the sofa and parted her lips unhurriedly. “I’m the matriarch of this house, so is it strange that I’m here? What’s weird is why an outsider like you is inside my house?”

“You’re the matriarch of this house?” It was as if Meredith had heard a huge joke. “Madeline, did you become stupid while you were in p****n? I’m the real matriarch of this house! And you’re just a dog who’s chasing after Jeremy!”

Her words were extremely insulting and slanderous. She looked malicious with her snarling teeth, and she did not have the demeanor of a young lady from a rich family at all.

Madeline chuckled lightly. “If I were a dog, so are you. Don’t forget that I donated my bone marrow to you to save your life. You have my blood coursing through your body.”

Meredith’s face suddenly froze as the corners of her mouth twitched. “Madeline, you…” She stared exasperatedly at the innocent Mrs. Hughes. “Do you have Alzheimer’s disease? How dare you let irrelevant people come in? Kick her out immediately. Don’t even think about keeping your job if Jeremy comes back and sees her.”

Madeline looked at Meredith in amusement as she was about to explode. Then, she said unhurriedly, “Mrs. Hughes, you tell her who brought me here.”

Although Madeline had fallen asleep from exhaustion after crying just now, she was not stupid. Who else would dare to do this aside from Jeremy?

Mrs. Hughes glanced at Meredith fearfully and said, “Yes, Mr. Whitman was the one who carried the madam back. Plus, Mr. Whitman also said that she’ll be living here for a while.”

Although the answer was similar to her guess, Madeline was still surprised by Mrs. Hughes’ last sentence.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Why would Jeremy carry this b*tch?”

Madeline was still in surprise when she heard Meredith’s shrill retort.

She raised her eyes and saw Meredith’s eyes widening in anger. She looked as if she was going to explode on the spot. This instantly made Madeline feel at ease.

“Meredith, don’t you think what you’re saying is ridiculous? I’m Jeremy’s lawfully-wedded wife. What’s so weird about a husband carrying his wife? On the contrary, why are you so angry? Were you seriously thinking that you’d be able to go from a mistress to taking my spot as his legally wedded wife in the three years of my absence? You’ll always be a mistress the moment you decided to be a mistress!”

Meredith was even more furious after Madeline said this.

She thought that she was better than Madeline in every aspect. The only thing she lost to Madeline was the position of Mrs. Whitman.

She wanted to kick Madeline from that position and stop people from calling her a mistress.

“What are you looking at? Get out of here!” Meredith released her anger on Mrs. Hughes.

Madeline stood up and said, “Mrs. Hughes, I’m hungry. Set the table for me and I’ll go down soon.”

Mrs. Hughes was still feeling miserable that she was unable to avoid this battlefield. Upon hearing Madeline’s words, she nodded and retreated.

Seeing that only she and Madeline were left in the room, Meredith was no longer able to hold her hands. She lifted her hand and slapped Madeline across the face.

“You b***h!” she yelled, looking exactly like a shrew.

Madeline already had her defense up against Meredith, so she managed to avoid her. Meredith swung her hand and only managed to hit the air. Due to excessive force, she almost fell.

When she saw Madeline looking at her carefreely, Meredith gritted her teeth.

“Madeline, don’t be so pleased with yourself. Jeremy is only keeping you temporarily for the sake of that old man in his family. Sooner or later, the position of Mrs. Whitman will be mine!” she said through gritted teeth.

Madeline chuckled. “You said the same things three years ago.”

“…” Meredith had finally gotten back some confidence. After Madeline said that though, her face fell again.

“Meredith, don’t be so proud of yourself. Those who do bad things will get retribution sooner or later. Just you wait. I’ll avenge my daughter.”

After she said that, Madeline walked away while feeling unaffected.