Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 571

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 571 – The moment Winston came back, he called Madeline over. This elicited Karen and Yvonne’s curiosity.

However, Yvonne felt that this was a great chance to steal the drafts!

Using this opportunity, Yvonne snapped a picture of the draft with her phone.

When Karen saw this, she walked over curiously. “Yvonne, what are you doing?”

Yvonne’s brain worked fast after she was caught taking a picture of the draft. “Aunty Karen, I thought of a way to make Madeline never be able to lift her head up high again! She’ll stop being arrogant soon enough!”

“Oh?” Karen’s eyes lit up. “What is it?”

Yvonne smirked evilly and got close to Karen’s ear before mumbling something inaudibly.

After Karen heard that, the same malicious smirk appeared on her face as well.

After Madeline was called to one side by Winston, he called her to surrender before she could ask what was going on.

“Surrender?” Madeline asked. Then, she smiled calmly. “You’re convinced that I’m the one who p******d Grandpa just from the nurse’s one-sided statement about a figure who was dressed similarly to me? Is this what you call evidence?”

After being accused as the one who p******d the old master, she went and investigated it. In the end, this was the concrete proof she got.

Karen and Yvonne were eavesdropping behind the wall. Then, they found out that Winston was asking Madeline to surrender.

This time, Winston’s face was green. He warned solemnly, saying, “Madeline, I want to give you another chance, so that’s why I’m asking you to surrender. Don’t try to muddle through this by pretending to have lost your memories. As long as you’ve done it, you’ll leave a trace.”

Madeline looked into Winston’s eyes confidently. “That’s right. The person who did this will definitely leave a trace. I think the real culprit will show themselves soon enough.”

“Win, why are you talking to this kind of person? This b*tch is just going to keep denying. She even plays the victim to get Jeremy to pity her. She has so many tricks up her sleeves!” Karen could not help but chime in.

Yvonne came forward and scolded as well, “Yeah, Uncle Winston, you don’t need to waste your effort. She doesn’t have the guts to own up to what she has done.”

Madeline looked at Yvonne profoundly. “I guess you’ve already lost all of your guts, so that’s why you’re saying that, huh?”

“…” Yvonne was taken aback. She felt that Madeline was looking at her weirdly. Plus, there was something behind what she was trying to say.

‘What’s going on?

‘Does she know that I’m the one who impersonated her and p******d the old master?


Yvonne denied it silently.

In the evening, Jeremy found out that Winston was back when he came home after work.

Madeline made a hearty dinner. However, most of the dishes were Jackson’s favorites.

On the dining table, Winston looked at Madeline who was feeding the old master. Suddenly, he snorted. “How pretentious!”

Jeremy understood what he meant. “If you think this is a sore sight, you can all move out. Linnie and I will take care of Grandpa.”

“Jeremy, do you still think that this woman is not related to what happened to your grandpa?” Winston pointed at Madeline and questioned without beating around the bush.

Madeline pretended not to hear him and continued feeding the old master.

Jeremy placed his fork down, his face turning icy. “The woman you’re talking about is my wife and your daughter-in-law. Linnie has suffered so many accusations and grievances before this. Do you still want to accuse her to this day?”

“You…” Winston was seething and became speechless instantly.

Karen pretended to side with Jeremy. “Win, you should eat your dinner and stop talking. Jeremy’s right. Maybe this is just a misunderstanding.”