Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 565

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 565 – He looked at her, his eyes filled with nervousness and worry.

However, Madeline only shook her head. Her charming eyes were slightly lowered.

Jeremy understood Madeline’s reaction.

His b****l treatment toward her back then had left a mark on her heart, so at this moment, it was not her personality changing as she was truly scared.

When he thought about this, Jeremy held Madeline tightly while feeling sorry.

‘I’m sorry, Linnie. I’m so sorry…’

He pressed up against her gently and apologized in his heart.

“We’ve been so busy this entire day, so you must be tired, Linnie. We should rest early.” Jeremy suppressed the heat in his body and fell asleep with Madeline in his arms.

Finally, he could sleep peacefully with her in his arms again. Jeremy felt like he was in a dream. However, he hoped this dream could last and he could stay in this dream longer.

If possible, he did not want to wake up.

The next day.

Madeline woke up early. After helping the little guy up, she went to make breakfast.

After making breakfast, she cleaned the old master and fed him his breakfast patiently.

It was rare for Jeremy to have a good night’s sleep. When Madeline was not next to him after he woke up, he leaped out of bed and dashed out of the room. When he saw her and the old master in the dining room, all of the cells in his body calmed down.

He was afraid. He was scared that Madeline would revert into the Madeline who hated and forgot about him.

After cleaning himself up, Jeremy entered the dining room with a smile on his face.

His heart felt warm when he ate the breakfast she made.

However, he did not want Madeline to be too tired, so he decided to hire a maid.

Back when money was just a number to him, he could not give Madeline the comfortable life of being a wife to a rich man, so even if he had to live like a destitute man in the future, he would still want her to live a happy and carefree life.

Since Madeline needed to take care of the old master, Jeremy would be responsible for taking Jackson to school.

Jackson held the lunchbox Madeline made for him proudly. Before he got into the car, he even ran up to Madeline to ask for a k**s. Then, he turned around and waved at her. “Bye, Mommy.”


This word grazed Madeline’s heart sweetly.

It made her feel extremely pleased.

Madeline went back to the house and pushed the old master into the garden.

The sun in May was warm and comfortable. The old master closed his eyes and enjoyed the sun on his skin.

“Grandpa, enjoy your sunbath. I’ll bring you back to your room so you can rest later.”

The old master opened his murky eyes when he heard that. He looked at Madeline’s smiling face and his eyes were filled with love and peace.

Madeline turned around and walked into the house. When she was about to clean the room, she saw Yvonne and Karen coming downstairs.

Karen could not wait to cause trouble after she was certain that Jeremy was not around. She ordered Madeline with a horrible attitude, “Prepare our breakfast now. We want full English breakfasts. I want my eggs still runny and Yvonne doesn’t drink c*w’s milk. She’ll only drink goat’s milk, so hurry up and prepare them now.”