Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 56

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 56 – Jeremy’s grip on her was strong, and despite Madeline struggling to escape, she was still forced into the car.

Madeline did not know when he stopped thinking that she would d***y his car. He was even letting her sit in the passenger seat now.

The sky suddenly became gloomy. Soon, it was accompanied by strong wind and heavy rain.

Madeline’s mood started to take a hit. Whenever it rained heavily, she would think of the night when she was inducted to give birth.

In the narrow carriage, the fear in her heart was infinitely magnified. She did not want to look back on that dark night, that b****y night that separated her and her daughter.

“Jeremy, where are you taking me? Are you planning to k**l me as well because I refuse to divorce you? I won’t let you succeed again!” Madeline lost control of her emotions and she even tried to open the car door.

She could not d*e. She had not avenged her daughter yet!

Jeremy quickly locked the door and slammed the brakes.

“Madeline, are you insane?” He furrowed his eyebrows and dragged Madeline over to him. His handsome face was covered with a layer of frost.

Madeline stared at him with scarlet eyes. “Yes, I’m insane. I was crazy a very long time ago! Otherwise, how could I fall in love with a scumbag who could k**l his own flesh and blood like you?”

She gritted her teeth. When she said this, her heart was in severe pain.

How cold-blooded could a person be to be able to do such a heartless thing?

Yet, he did it.

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s tearful face, and for a moment, he was stuck in a daze.

After a while, he returned to his senses. His eyes were locked on Madeline’s face. “Were you really pregnant three years ago?”

“Tch.” Madeline scoffed and laughed as if she had just heard a big joke.

Tears fell from her eyes. A few seconds later, she displayed a sarcastic smile. “Mr. Whitman, you’re so forgetful. If you don’t remember, I can remind you again. At first, you were sure that I pushed Meredith and caused her to have a m*********e. What did you say to me in the meeting room when I was holding your trousers and begging you?”

Madeline’s misty and teary eyes met Jeremy’s dispirited ones.

“You kicked me away and told me, ‘Then you should bury that b*stard child in your stomach along with Meredith’s child’.”

She repeated what he said at the time.

Jeremy’s pupils shrank. He was inexplicably shocked when he saw Madeline’s face that was between laughter and tears.

“Jeremy, you did it. You buried our child with Meredith’s b*stard child that she had with someone else.

“Have you ever thought that even if I am really so unbearable and disgusting to you, that the child is innocent? She was your own flesh and blood!”

Madeline was having a complete emotional breakdown. She yelled hysterically at the silent man, each and every word piercing her flesh and bones.

“Jeremy, wasn’t that punishment enough? Then, what about these?”

As Madeline spoke, she removed her coat and started peeling off her clothes one by one in front of him.

She went all out and showed her most unbearable side before him.

Although Jeremy did not bother to look at Madeline every time he tortured her, he could remember that her skin was fair, tender, and smooth. There were almost no flaws or defects on her body.

However, dark marks were growing all over her body so obtrusively now as if to describe the severe beatings and punishments she had suffered.

Jeremy could feel a vein popping on his temple suddenly, and his eyebrows were furrowed together deeply.

He stared intensely at Madeline. Then, he gradually loosened his hands that were tightly holding Madeline’s shoulders.