Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 558

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 558 – They came intending to learn of Madeline’s whereabouts, yet they bumped into Jeremy.

“Jeremy, you’re such a scumbag. Where did you hide Madeline?” Ava rushed to the front of Jeremy, anxious and exasperated.

A few seconds ago, Madeline was still in the hall, but coincidentally, she had gone to the backyard with Jackson.

Jeremy was about to explain, but the infuriated Ava hoisted her arm high in the air, about to slap Jeremy.

“Ava!” Daniel quickly stopped and comforted her, saying, “Calm down, Ava. Maddie wouldn’t be in any trouble.”

“How am I supposed to calm down? Maddie is bound to be in trouble if she continues lingering around him! Let me go, Dan. I want to beat this scumbag up so badly!” Ava said through her gritted teeth, staring with her reddened eyes.

“You’re such trash, Jeremy. Do you think I don’t know what you’re up to? You’re planning to avenge Meredith! How dare you be so shameless and cheat Madeline, claiming that you love her? Do you even know what it’s like to love a person? Do you know?!” Ava scolded. She was trying to lecture the scum on behalf of her bestie, yet tears started streaming out from the corners of her eyes.

She felt utterly sorry for Madeline.

“Jeremy, do you know how much Maddie suffered those years she spent by your side? Was there any time that she was sincerely happy ever since you two were married? Was there a time she smiled? She was all over you, to a point where she was willing to discard her pride. But how about you? How did you treat her in return? You’re such a cold-blooded man. You even joined forces with Meredith and made her suffer in p****n for three whole years! You two even d********d her and took her biological child away from her!

“Jeremy, do you know what decision she made when she first found out she was pregnant and at the same time, noticed she was suffering from a grave disease? She brought me to the beach at April Hill and said to cast her ashes into the ocean if she couldn’t survive. It was at the place where you and Madeline made a promise to each other. Despite facing d***h, she still loved you so much!

“Do you have any idea how much courage Maddie had to summon to get back on her feet? Yet why aren’t you letting go of her up to this day? Why are you so unsatisfied that Maddie is lucky enough to have a happy day in her life?!”

Ava’s condemning marks made Jeremy utterly heartbroken.

Although there were some misunderstandings, Jeremy had no intention to defend himself. No matter what, he had indeed hurt her before.

Ava was not done, and just as she wanted to continue on scolding, her eyes sparkled. “Maddie!”

She struggled to free herself from Daniel and sprinted to Madeline before hugging her in her arms.

“Maddie, thank G*d you’re alright. Promise me, never bother Jeremy again. He has already harmed you once, so don’t give him another opportunity to harm you for the second time!”

Madeline, who was being held tightly by Ava, sneaked a peek at Jeremy.

Jeremy was perturbed, thinking perhaps Madeline had heard all the things that Ava mentioned. He strode over to her, saying, “Linnie—”

“Jeremy, stop coming any closer to Maddie!” Ava stood in front, defending Madeline. “Maddie, don’t bother about him. Right now, you’re making a big mistake because you’ve lost your memories. Wait till you’ve recuperated, then you’ll remember how much you despise this scumbag. You’ll remember just how much you hate him, to the point you want his reputation to go bad and make him never have the chance to stand up proudly ever again!”

Just when Jeremy had no chance to argue back, Madeline held Ava’s hand and smiled. “Thank you, Ava. I’m very glad to have such a good friend like you.”

Ava also grasped on Madeline’s hand. “If that’s the case, please listen to my advice, Maddie. Never bother about this scumbag again!”


Dimples appeared on Madeline’s smiling face as she walked to Jeremy, facing his apoplectic gaze.

“You’re right, Ava. I lost my memories, and because of that, I only remember that I really love this man. Despite him having treated me coldly, I still can’t control my emotions. I keep thinking about him and missing him. This feeling of determination and love has been with me ever since the first time I met Jeremy.”

Jeremy was speechless when he heard the comment, tears building up behind his eyes. “Linnie…”

His voice trembled as he held onto Madeline’s hands. He got down to one knee as he looked at Madeline with his eyes brewing with remorse and love.

“I’m sorry, Linnie. I’m terribly sorry…”

He apologized sincerely, his eyes reddened and drenched.

“Linnie, please give me another chance to love you. A chance for me to make up for all the terrible things I’ve done in the past. I swear to G*d, I’ll ensure you’ll be happy for the rest of your life. You’ll live a life without suffering or tears.

“Linnie, let us start a brand new life, alright?”