Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 553

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 553 – The night without moonlight was as dark as a pot of inkwell overturned.

In the bar, colorful lights swayed as the romantic ambiance seemed to envelop and engulf everyone who entered. At that moment, two guys sitting in front of the bar counter clinking their glasses were ignoring the s**y women who came up to them to chat them up.

After Daniel learned about Madeline’s condition from Adam, he drove furiously to stop Jeremy. He thought that there would be a war between them, but the two of them ended up at the bar and started being sarcastic with each other.

“Serves you right, Jeremy.” Daniel mocked. He rarely drank alcohol, but that day, he drank several glasses in silence.

“Little Madeline finally belongs to someone else. She has never belonged to me.” Daniel chuckled bitterly and downed another glass. The cold liquid entered his throat and went down to his chest. It was pungent.

His heart was broken again.

His usual gentle and elegant front crumbled the moment all his hopes for his secret love crumbled and died.

At that moment, he just wanted to get drunk.

“Jeremy, it’s all your fault. You made Madeline this way. If you still have a conscience, don’t provoke her anymore. Felipe will give her the happiness she deserves.”


Jeremy put down the stemmed glass heavily with great force, shattering it.

“Linnie won’t be happy. She doesn’t love Felipe at all. She has forgotten it now, but one day she’ll remember that the man she loves the most is me.”

“Heh,” Daniel sneered, “So what if she remembers? Little Madeline will never love you anymore. She hates you. Think about what you did. Why do you think you deserve to have her?”

Jeremy curled his lips, a gentle smile appearing in his dreamy round eyes as droplets of tears reflected the colorful lights above him.

“It’s true that Linnie hates me, but she loves me more. I’ve always been in her heart and she isn’t over me yet. Lily is the best proof of her love for me.”

“Lily?” Daniel was tipsy from the alcohol and did not recognize the name.

After he drank one last drink, Daniel laid his head on the bar and said drowsily, “Little Madeline, I wish you all the happiness in the world. I won’t be attending your wedding tomorrow. I hope that after getting rid of that scumbag, Jeremy, you’ll finally be happy from here on out…”

Jeremy’s blurred eyes instantly regained clarity. “Wait, Daniel. What did you say? Tomorrow? Isn’t it supposed to be two days later? How could it be tomorrow?”

He kept asking Daniel, but all he could hear were his mumbles. “Little Madeline, Little Madeline…”

Jeremy hurriedly left the bar and rushed to Montgomery Manor.

If Madeline was going to marry Felipe tomorrow, she would be staying in Montgomery Manor that night because they were going to be her in-laws.

As soon as he walked toward the gate of Montgomery Manor, he saw their servants going around the place. There were wedding decorations everywhere.

As Jeremy looked at how lively and joyful the place was, he appeared as if he was bogged down by darkness.

His eyes gradually became hot and angry.

His mind went to the wedding he had with Madeline six years ago. He wished that the particular moment could last forever.

The woman was still there, but she was not his anymore.

The woman who loved him so much for all those years could only live in his vivid memories.

“Jeremy?” Eloise came out of the manor and saw him standing in a daze at the door. “Are you here to look for Madeline?”

Jeremy regained his senses and froze for two seconds before speaking, “Is Linnie going to have her wedding with Felipe tomorrow?”

Eloise was surprised. “How did you find out?”

“Felipe didn’t want me to know about it, so he brought the wedding date forward, right?”

After hesitating for a while, Eloise was straightforward and said, “Yes, Felipe didn’t want you to pester Madeline anymore. And frankly, Madeline hates you now, more than ever, so…”

“I want to see Linnie. Is she here?”

Eloise shook her head helplessly. “Madeline wouldn’t want to see you. Plus, I’m worried that you’ll trigger Madeline if she sees you again.”

“I see.” Jeremy nodded. “Don’t tell Felipe that I was here,” he said solemnly before turning around decisively and walking away from the iron gate.

It was a late night in early spring, so the evening breeze was chilly.

Somehow, it started drizzling. Jeremy sat in the car silently as he kept his eyes in the direction of Madeline’s room.