Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 548

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 548 – At that point, the tears formed in Jeremy’s eyes had already blurred his vision.

Through the tears, he saw that Madeline’s eyes were also red.

“So the bad girl posing as me was Meredith?” Madeline said her guess out loud.

Jeremy nodded slightly with regret. “I’m sorry, Linnie. I made you suffer.”

He embraced her with sincerity, love, and apology.

Madeline broke down and leaned against Jeremy’s chest. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks. “So the reason you treated Meredith well was because you thought she was me…”

She pursed her lips that were wet with tears. “Even though it was just a naive and childish thing I said, you took it seriously and kept it as a promise. I’m very happy, really.”

Madeline did not blame him for what he did and that made Jeremy feel even worse.

She should blame him. Even if he had gotten the wrong person, he should not have been so cruel to her, and neither should he have deceived himself after meeting her again and falling in love with her.

If he could turn back time, he would choose to go back to the day they met again in college.

He would have never hidden the fact that he liked her.

He would have never let down the girl he liked for a promise.

Even so, he was really grateful whether the person he met was the young girl or the woman she became after. She was the same person—the same girl who made his heart flutter.

Despite that, he had lost all that time he could have spent with her.

Since the start, both Madeline and he were manipulated by Meredith.

Jeremy did not know how long Madeline’s memory loss would last, but he was really happy to find that she still loved and cared for him.

For a moment, he selfishly hoped that Madeline’s personality and memories remained at that moment when she loved him deeply.

The rays of the setting sun were like tiny pieces of gold scattering on her face. He finally saw the bright and warm smile on her face. It was incredibly beautiful…

Jeremy and Madeline spent the night at the guest house. After a long time, he finally had a good night’s sleep.

After Jeremy woke up and saw the tiny woman sleeping in his arms, he smiled gently and kissed her forehead.

During breakfast, many tourists went to the nearby guest houses. The owner of the guest house said that there was a festival in the town for the next two days and tourists had come to celebrate the holiday.

That night, Jeremy brought Madeline to the town.

Under the dark blue night sky, the bustling street was packed with stalls where souvenirs and various street food were sold.

Jeremy held her hand as he led her around, weaving through the crowd and occasionally stopping to look at the stalls.

He wanted to make sure she was taken care of and that she felt happy.

She had never experienced that kind of care and tenderness from him before.

At that moment, Madeline, whose memories were still stuck at the time when she was seriously ill, thought to herself that as long as she had these memories with Jeremy, her life was complete.

As long as she knew the person he loved was her, she had no other regrets.

However, just as Madeline was enjoying her new memories with Jeremy, big fireworks suddenly shot up in front of them.

The sound of the fireworks sounded in the sky loudly. Fizz! Hiss! Boom! Bright fireworks bloomed like flowers in the night sky.

Jeremy held Madeline’s hand and walked forward, but suddenly, she stopped.

He was uncertain of what was happening and turned his head. As the fireworks broke into multiple different colors in the sky, he too saw the subtle and gradual changes in Madeline’s eyes.

He had a bad hunch. “Linnie?”