Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 542

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 542 – After learning that Madeline had been discharged from the hospital by Felipe, although Eloise and Sean were a little nervous, they were not exactly panicked.

While they did not know Felipe, they were pretty sure that Felipe would not hurt Madeline.

On the other side, Felipe had immediately taken Madeline back to their previous apartment.

Madeline was obviously no stranger to this apartment. She went into the bedroom on her own, then changed into simple home clothes.

Felipe watched her carefully from the side. Although he felt that amnesia was an unusual thing, Madeline’s behavior did seem to indicate that she had actually lost part of her memories.

Those memories were all related to Jeremy.

She had completely and totally forgotten about Jeremy. Whether it was her love or hatred, she could not remember any of it at all.

For Felipe, this was a good thing.

Seeing Madeline suddenly starting to pack up her clothes, Felipe stepped forward with doubt. “Vera, what are you doing?”

“We’ve been here for a while, so I want to go back to F Country. I really miss Lilian.”

Felipe held her hand, his clear black eyes carrying hints of tenderness. “Vera, I promise you that I will give you and Lillian happiness.”

“I know.” Madeline smiled, her eyes were filled with trust for Felipe. “But Felipe, the doctor said that I’m missing a part of my memory. Do I really have amnesia?”

Felipe nodded without denying it. He raised his slender fingers and stroked Madeline’s beautiful eyebrows.

“Before you woke up, you were involved in a car accident and you suffered a shock to your head. The doctor said you have selectively forgotten some people and things that made you unhappy.”

Madeline furrowed her eyebrows thoughtfully after listening to Felipe’s words.

Felipe quickly interrupted her thoughts, saying, “Vera, since the memories you’ve lost are those that have made you unhappy, then let them pass. I promise you only happiness and joy in the days to come.”

As he said this, his phone rang.

The call was from an unfamiliar number and Felipe answered it without hesitation.

Eloise’s tone was anxious and a little worried. “Is this Mr. Felipe Whitman? I’m Eveline’s mother, Eloise.”

Felipe glanced at Madeline and greeted politely, “Aunty, hello.”

“Mr. Whitman, Eveline’s current situation is not very stable. Can I know where you’ve taken her to? We’re really worried.”

Hearing that, a smile flashed across Felipe’s face. “Don’t worry, I’ll bring Vera to see you tonight.”

Eloise paused before saying doubtfully, “Will you really bring Eveline to see us?”

“Not only will I take her to see you, but I will also reunite your family.”

Family reunion?

These words sound so beautiful that Eloise and Sean did not dare to expect anything.

However, that night, Eloise and Sean really saw Felipe and Madeline appear at the gates of Montgomery Manor.

Madeline appeared to look the same as before, but the look in her eyes was distant and alienated.

Even if Madeline did not want to recognize them back then, at least her gaze would not be so indifferent.

“Felipe, where is this place? These two are…” She looked at the couple in front of her with doubt. “This madam and mister seem to have been to my ward before.”

“Vera, they’re your biological parents.”