Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 535

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 535 – With a c***h, the car windows shattered instantly as billowing smoke emerged from the front of the car. The wheels were still rubbing violently against the asphalt road and the airbag had blown open the moment the car crashed.

At that moment, Jeremy tightened his arms even more and went all out to protect Madeline.

Hearing Madeline’s weak and painful whines, Jeremy could care less about his injuries and raised his deep eyes that were filled with worry to observe Madeline’s situation.

However, as soon as he did, he saw that Madeline’s velvet brows were tightly knitted and her face was pale.

What made him even more flustered was that Madeline’s head was hung weakly and her eyes were tightly closed.

Jeremy’s mind was blank for a moment, feeling that his heart had fallen into an abyss. His eyes went wide as his b****y hands, which were cut open by the glass of the car window, cupped Madeline’s increasingly pale face.

“Linnie? Linnie!” He called out to Madeline in a panic, “Linnie, wake up. Don’t go to sleep, Linnie!”

Madeline’s eyelashes fluttered slightly after hearing his screams.

Jeremy’s dark, wet eyes lit up with a flash of light. His eyebrows were furrowed deeply as he called out to Madeline who had not fully recovered, “Linnie, don’t go to sleep.”

Madeline lifted her eyelids weakly, but in the end, she could not open them.

With half-squinted eyes, her delicate face was filled with anxiety and fear. The memories in her mind seemed to be instantly muddled, bringing her back to a time long, long ago…

“Linnie, don’t go to sleep. Please don’t leave me again, Linnie!” Jeremy’s eyes were crimson, and the tears that had gathered came streaming down his cheeks, dripping onto Madeline’s bloodless face.

Then, Madeline’s pink lips moved. “Jeremy, Jez…”

Jeremy was all of a sudden startled as hot tears soaked his eyes. “Linnie, I’m Jeremy. I’m your Jez. Linnie, please don’t go to sleep. Don’t leave me again. No!”

He hugged Madeline by her neck in a panic and took in the fragrance of her body, for fear that she would slip away from his life if he did not hold onto her tightly at this moment.

“Linnie, Linnie…” he whispered softly, “Don’t leave me again, Linnie…”

Hearing the sound of the ambulance approaching, it was as if Jeremy had seen a savior.

He clasped Madeline’s cold hand tightly, crying while choking out encouragement. “Linnie, the ambulance will be here soon. You’ll be fine. Jez will protect you. You’ll be fine!”

He comforted Madeline, but it was more like he was comforting himself.

While in a panic, he finally faced Madeline’s increasingly dimming eyes.

“Linnie, don’t leave me again.”


“I’m here, Linnie. I’m here!”

“I really didn’t push Meredith, Jeremy. Please believe me…”

He never thought that Madeline would say such a sentence under such circumstances. The past events of the year rushed into his mind as a strong sense of guilt violently invaded Jeremy’s heart.

He felt more remorseful and guilty. He squeezed Madeline’s hand and kissed it.
“Sorry, I’m sorry…”

Before his words of apology fell, Madeline’s hand slipped weakly from the palm of his hand.

Jeremy’s heart suddenly lost its weight. Looking at Madeline who was completely unconscious, he hugged her in desperation.

“Linnie, don’t punish me like this. Don’t leave me again. Please give me a chance to atone for my sins. Please give me a chance to love you, Linnie!”

As the site of the accident was not far from the hospital, Madeline was quickly taken to the emergency room.