Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 522

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 522 – “There’s no need to thank me. It’s all because of you that I’m able to regain the things that originally belonged to my parents.”

When the words reached her ears, Madeline suddenly felt as if she had profoundly sinned.

Being able to come back to life, her purpose was to seek revenge.

She was delighted to see Jeremy in such misery, ending up with nothing left. However, she would not want to see the flames of her revenge affect Old Master Whitman.

After Felipe left the scene, Madeline gave Jeremy a call.

Jeremy was surprised when he received her call, but he still appeared at the place where Madeline wanted to meet him.

After they met, he drove the car and finally arrived at a nursing home.

“Is this where Grandpa is currently staying?” Madeline felt it to be rather unacceptable.

“The environment and facilities here are very good.” Jeremy then led the way forward.
Madeline knew that for an old man, it would not matter how well his living environment was or how well he ate. It would never be as good as him having his children and relatives around him.
Madeline could not bring herself to allow Old Master Whitman to spend his remaining life in this place. “Felipe has promised me that he’ll return Whitman Manor back to Grandpa.”
Jeremy smiled with deep implications. “Do you really believe that he’ll do it? Linnie, you still are a bit naive.”

“…” Madeline glanced at Jeremy with dissatisfaction. As she was about to say something, her gaze was caught by Old Master Whitman who was practicing Tai Chi in the garden not far away.

Grandpa seemed to be much more energetic than before.

Old Master Whitman noticed Madeline as well and his eyes were still as kind and peaceful as always.

“You can talk to Grandpa first. I’ll answer a phone call.” Jeremy seemed to deliberately try to create alone time for Madeline and Grandpa Whitman. After saying this, he simply walked away.

After Old Master Whitman finished his Tai Chi routine, he smiled kindly and waved to Madeline. “Madeline, you came.”

Madeline’s heart suddenly turned sour when she heard the old man calling her Madeline and the urge to cry almost instantly surged.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry.” She apologized.

“Silly girl, you didn’t do anything wrong toward Grandpa.” Old Master Whitman smiled and stretched out his hand toward Madeline. “Come and sit next to Grandpa.”

Madeline held Old Master Whitman’s hand while her eyes reddened, then sat beside him.
The sunshine of the early spring was not warm, but the gentle gaze of Old Master Whitman made Madeline feel warmer. “Grandpa, Felipe has promised me that he’ll return the house to you. You can move back in around two days.”

Old Master Whitman smiled lightly when he heard her words. “I already have one foot in the ground. Whether it’s real estate or money, they’re both no longer important to me.”

“I understand Felipe’s hatred toward me. The accident that happened back then had been so coincidental.” Old Master Whitman sighed.

Madeline recalled Felipe’s past that he had shared with her before. He said that Old Master Whitman had designed the car accident that k****d his parents just to gain the Whitman family’s inheritance rights.

Madeline was sure that Old Master Whitman was not such a sinister person, but it also did not seem that Felipe had lied.

After putting in some thought, Madeline decided to ask as she could not just hear one side out.
“Grandpa, what happened back then?”

Old Master Whitman then sighed regretfully again, those weather-beaten eyes suddenly becoming a little muddy. “Felipe’s father is my brother. My father gave birth to my younger brother when I was almost 18 years old. He was delighted that he was able to get a child even in his old age.

“My father had always valued Felipe’s father ever since I was a child. This made me a little envious and even jealous. Later on, Felipe’s father got married and started a business. My father had intended to hand over the entire Whitman Corporation to Felipe’s father as an inheritance. However, the day he announced the inheritance, Felipe’s parents got into a serious car accident while on their way to the company and died on the spot.

“When Felipe’s parents died, the biggest beneficiary would be me, so I naturally became the suspect who planned the car accident.”

Madeline was startled. “So, it’s all just a misunderstanding? There’s no evidence to prove that it was related to you, is there, Grandpa?”

“Misunderstandings are most of the time the deadliest thing.” Old Master Whitman smiled with relief and patted Madeline’s hand. “In fact, what happened between you and Jeremy, wasn’t it also because of one misunderstanding after another?”

Madeline became silent when he suddenly mentioned Jeremy and her.

“Madeline, by now, I have to tell you the truth about that matter.”