Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 515

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 515 – Jeremy saw through Rose’s intention. He quickly grabbed Madeline’s shoulders and walked them toward the door. “Hurry up.”

Madeline had only wanted to take Jackson to a safe place as soon as possible and was prepared to leave according to Jeremy’s intention.

However, the wooden door that had been closed could not be opened. Something was stuck in the lock and the door could not open no matter what they did.

“Go to h**l everyone!” Rose shouted coldly.

Jeremy turned his head to look at Rose and he saw that she had picked up the gasoline can. She splashed the contents to their side. Jeremy hurriedly protected Madeline and Jackson while retreating to the side.

All the gasoline that Rose had poured at them had splashed onto the door panel.

“Hahaha…” Rose laughed loudly as if she had gone mad. “Madeline, you b*tch. Let’s see how you’re gonna stay alive this time!”

A cold silver light shone in Jeremy’s eyes. He wanted to crush Rose to pieces.

At this moment, however, what he wanted most was to get Madeline and Jackson out of this small, dilapidated house.

Rose splashed the gasoline around madly while Jon was slumped to the side. His cowardly expression revealed that he was at a loss.

Jeremy took Madeline’s shoulders and led her to the window.

“Don’t worry about these two lunatics. Get out of here first.” His tone was determined, and he went to open the window.

It was probably because of the forming rust over the years but the locks on the windows were fastened tight.

Jeremy hardly hesitated. He stretched out his fist and smashed the glass.

The moment the glass broke, his right hand also split open with wounds of various sizes. Blood followed, quickly d***g his hand red.

He did not seem to care, however, and continued to break down the uneven glass with his fist to ensure that Madeline would not get cut when she jumped out of the window.

“Linnie, you should go out first. I’ll hold Jack to you,” Jeremy said in a hurry, anxiety appearing on his usually calm and cold face.

The moment he said that, Rose suddenly took out a lighter.

After the fire started, Rose threw the lighter on the gasoline-soaked door.

The sparks followed the gasoline path, instantly turning into a big fire.

The whole house had suddenly turned into a sea of ​​fire while the raging flames spread unscrupulously, emitting a pungent smell and a crackling, burning sound.

In this critical situation, Jeremy decisively took Jackson from Madeline’s arms and put him to his side. Then, he carried Madeline, who was still unreactive, toward the window sill.

“Get out!” he said decisively with unprecedented tension in his voice.

Madeline dallied no more and quickly jumped out of the window.

Jeremy then picked Jackson up. “Don’t be afraid, Jack. Mom will catch you outside.”

He consoled with a soft voice and carefully handed Jackson to Madeline.

Madeline quickly reached out to hug Jackson but had involuntarily glanced at Jeremy.

His worried eyes at the moment held no pretense.

Just then, Jackson suddenly shouted behind Jeremy, “Be careful, Daddy!”

Madeline only then noticed Rose’s fierce face appearing in a cloud of smoke. Rose was holding a fruit knife and had stabbed it toward Jeremy’s arm fiercely.

Jeremy was holding Jackson to hand him over to Madeline. He could not let go and could only take the stab.

Rose pulled out the fruit knife at once and fresh, red blood poured from Jeremy’s wound, soon d***g his coat red.

He just frowned, still handing Jackson over to Madeline securely.

After Madeline grabbed Jackson, she pushed her hatred to the side and stretched out her hand to Jeremy. Her eyebrows and eyes were also unknowingly infected with anxiety. “Quick, take my hand. Come out!”

A smile suddenly appeared between Jeremy’s solemn eyebrows. He held Madeline’s hand that she had offered on her own, and at the same time, he felt warmer while his heart felt sweeter.