Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 503

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 503 – With Meredith and Diana yelling, most of the people in the auditorium turned to look at Madeline with interest.

Infuriated, Eloise and Sean jumped up to defend Madeline.

“Let them say what they want.” Madeline stopped Eloise and Sean. “There’s conclusive evidence, so Meredith can’t run from this. As for Diana, well, she’ll know soon enough how foolish she’s acting now.”

Even though they were filled with fury, Eloise and Sean clenched their fists and sat back down.

Frustrated and filled with distaste, they felt unworthy of Madeline.

After all, the Montgomery family could be said to have played a part that resulted in the way Meredith and Diana acted today.

Neither of them had a conscience.

One of them switched their daughter for another, while the other stole their daughter’s identity. They had taken everything that was meant for Madeline.

To think that the two would slander Madeline now.

What heinous and abominable people!

The judge hit his hammer heavily on the mantle. “Silence! Defendant, unless you wish to be additionally charged with contempt of court, I suggest you quiet down! You too, Ms. Diana Samuels.”

Meredith bit her dry lip in indignance, but the look from her lawyer had her closing her mouth for the time being.

Diana quieted down as well, resorting to glaring at Madeline.

With nothing to be guilty about, Madeline met the suspecting gazes unfazed.

Soon enough, the court began to review the case.

Meredith’s defense attorney was good at his job, having most likely been hired by Rose and Jon.

The earring stained with Brittany’s blood was presented, to which the attorney argued, “Your Honor, while this is indeed my client’s earring, it must also be said that this earring had vanished from the crime scene for more than three years. For it to appear now, there’s reasonable doubt that the bloodstain was artificially added to frame my client.

“It’s likely that the person who provided the earring intended to frame my client.

“This person is none other than Madeline Crawford who has continuously harassed my client!”

The layer then pointed everyone’s direction toward Madeline who was sitting in the auditorium.

Meredith’s lips curled silently. Their money had been put to good use. This lawyer had quite the skills.

Wonderful. With the credibility of the most crucial evidence subjected to doubt, there would not be further conclusive evidence and she would be ruled not guilty!

Eloise reached out instinctively to hold Madeline’s arm and spoke out in her daughter’s defense with a heavy gaze, “It’s not my daughter’s fault! My daughter has been the victim since the beginning!”

Fury bled into her eyes. “How could you be so evil, Meredith Crawford? You too, Diana. How could you join forces with Meredith to pick on my daughter when she was the one who k****d your daughter and your father? I can’t believe you’d be so foolish!”

“I’m not! How could you defend your daughter when she was obviously the one who k****d mine? Quick, Your Honor, you have to charge Madeline for m****r! Give me justice for my daughter!”

“Bang!” The judge knocked his hammer again. “Order in the court!”

Then, the bailiff stood and walked over to whisper to the judge. Listening, the judge nodded solemnly and announced, “New crucial evidence has come to light. May the witness be called to the stand.”

New witness and evidence?

Both Meredith and her attorney turned to look at each other in shock.

Madeline turned to look at the door as well and was met with a familiar figure entering the room.


Elegant and dignified, the man walked with a gush of cold air surrounding him.

Meredith’s eyes widened. She was overwhelmed with a bad feeling.