Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 496

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 496 – While Madeline did not take the roses, he was happy enough with her silent acknowledgment.

However, Madeline threw the divorce papers at the driver’s seat the moment she got in the car.

“I’ve already signed my part. Give it back to me when you’re done signing yours.”

Jeremy felt his heart sink the moment he set his eyes on the words atop the document.

Forcing himself not to think too much into it, he kept the papers and stepped on the accelerator.

“Jack hasn’t known what a complete and happy family feels like for the past six years, Eveline. Do you really—”

“Don’t try to use Jack as an excuse not to sign the papers, Jeremy. I don’t know what you’re trying to gain, but it’d do you good to stop believing that I would believe your lies about loving me.”

Madeline’s tone was cold and held no room for negotiations.

As such, Jeremy kept quiet and stewed in his own heartache.

After arriving at the kindergarten, Madeline moved to the back seat so that she could talk to Jackson easier.

Her heart clenched when she saw Jeremy in the child’s features.

‘Mom’s so happy to see you again, Jack.

‘Knowing that all the pain I endured has led to our reunion makes it all worth it. Mom’s satisfied enough with the way things are.’

Madeline did not protest as Jeremy drove them to the villa.

Walking in, Madeline immediately went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Meanwhile, Jeremy sat and guided Jackson through his homework. By the time he finished it, so had Madeline with dinner.

Jeremy felt his heart shrivel as he stared at the mouth-watering dishes and soup on the table.

She used to cook him dinner too back then.

It was just that he never returned home.

Still, unlike what Madeline thought, it was not because he spent the night with Meredith.

In truth, he had spent every night in the office. He never once spent the night alone with Meredith.

As everyone got seated, Madeline began to help Jackson to some of the dishes and peeled some prawns for him.

The smile on the little boy’s face was enough to fill Madeline with warmth and mirth.

After dinner, Jeremy took the initiative to wash the dishes, though Madeline ignored him and merely took Jackson’s hand as they went out for a walk. The mother and child were basking in each other’s presence.

Having cleaned up the kitchen, Jeremy decided to look for his family in the park nearby. Jackson waved when he saw him and called out to his dad.

Not wishing to destroy Jackson’s elation as he called for his dad, Madeline could only smile and stare longingly at her recovered child.

Half an hour later, the sky was dark.

With a drowsy Jackson in his arms, Jeremy and Madeline walked back to the villa under the guidance of the street lamps.

The cold wind cut into his bones, yet Jeremy had never felt warmer.

Realizing from the corner of his eyes that Madeline was trembling in her light jacket, he reached out to take her slightly cool hands into his own pockets.

Madeline tried to pull her hands away but decided against it as she did not want to disturb Jackson who was slowly falling asleep.

The silver moonlight shone on their backs, enveloping them in a heartwarming glow.

It was only when they had returned to the villa and Jeremy tucked Jackson in for bed that Madeline reverted to her aloof attitude. She handed him the divorce papers again. “Sign them.”

Jeremy furrowed his brows. “I won’t.”

It was a familiar response, one Madeline had stubbornly given him before.

“I’ve already made my mistake once and I don’t want to make it again.” Jeremy fixed his gaze on Madeline. “Give me another chance, Linnie. For Jack and for Lily?”

Madeline was quiet for two seconds. “I’ve already told you, Lillian is not your daughter.”

“Lily is our daughter.” Jeremy’s gaze was warm. “I refuse to believe that you’d throw yourself into another man’s arms after you’ve been so thoroughly hurt by this b*stard who you loved so much.”

He slowly walked toward Madeline. “Lily is our daughter, Linnie. You got pregnant with her from the time I forcefully took you in that apartment three years ago.”