Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 495

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 495 – The document was formatted as if it was a diary.

Clicking into it, the first thing Madeline saw was the date above.

It was dated three years ago, the day after she had ‘died’.

Its content left Madeline tongue-tied.

[I never thought you would leave me like this. You wouldn’t, right? This must be a prank, right? Don’t joke about things like this, Madeline. It’s not funny.

[You said you loved me, that you’d bother me forever. Why is your forever so short? It can’t be. I refuse to believe that it is…

[You must be doing this on purpose, Madeline. You’re doing this so that I would never forget you and miss you forever. You’re sly, but I won’t fall for it.




Everything afterward was just her name typed again and again.

Her hand that was on the mouse trembled lightly.

While she could clearly read the words typed in the document on her screen, Madeline found herself unable to imagine how Jeremy must have felt while he wrote it back then.

Nor did she understand why Jeremy would type the words he did.

It was as if he could not accept the fact that she had ‘died’

Hints of a breakdown could be seen within the lines.

Madeline stared at the words at loss, but the timestamp dating when the document was saved made it impossible to have been forged.

Madeline frowned as her gaze darted between the thousands of documents filed within.

She found it hard to click her mouse and delve into the other documents.

Just then, an employee came over to remind her. “Mr. Whitman’s here, Miss Vera.”

There was a hint of mockery in her eyes.

“He said he’s here to fetch his wife from work.”


Madeline immediately closed the file and looked for the divorce agreement that had been saved under ‘history’ before printing it out.

“I’m not his wife. There’s nothing between us anymore.” Madeline explained curtly before rolling up the divorce papers and going downstairs.

Arriving downstairs, Madeline was met with the sight of Jeremy holding a large bouquet of fire-red roses. He was standing elegantly not too far away.

With his attractive features, exquisitely defined brows, and eyes that reminded others of ink, the man looked noble and dignified.

Not to mention his cool appearance was currently graced with a small smile, and his dark eyes swam with warmth under those dense and long eyelashes as they stared in the direction Madeline walked out from.

The man’s charms and aura oozed, causing numerous female employees and customers to stare at the gorgeous view with smitten looks.

“What a handsome young man!”

“I recognize him. That’s Mr. Whitman!”

“Who would’ve thought he’d still be so romantic even though he and Miss Vera have already been married for quite some time?”

“Miss Vera sure is lucky.”

The female workers and customers sighed enviously.

Madeline found herself unable to argue, for it was public knowledge that she had gotten married to Jeremy as Vera Quinn.

Yet regardless if she was Madeline or Vera now, she was going to sever all ties with this man!

Seeing Madeline approaching, Jeremy walked over with adoration in his eyes as he handed the bouquet to her. “Let’s go fetch Jack from school, Eveline.”

Hearing him, Madeline smiled lightly as she gripped the divorce papers in her hand tighter. She gave up on her initial plan to cut straight to the chase. “Let’s go.”