Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 481

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 481 – After Jeremy finished saying that, the crowd drew a sharp, astonished breath.

Back then during the press conference of Montgomery Enterprise, they finally knew that Madeline was the true Miss Montgomery. They were also shocked at first, but they were more surprised by what Jeremy had said now.

Who did not know that the young master of the richest family in Glendale was in love with Meredith Crawford? Why did it suddenly become Madeline Crawford now?

Madeline should be the woman he despised the most.

“Mr. Whitman, you mean that you’ve always been in love with your ex-wife, Madeline Crawford, and not Meredith Crawford?” a journalist broke the silence and questioned.

“You got half of it right,” Jeremy replied. He stared at Madeline with tenderness in his eyes. “I don’t have an ex-wife because this whole time, I’ve only had one wife.”

The journalists were stumped for words. “But Mr. Whitman, you divorced Madeline Crawford three years ago…”

“There were indeed some contradictions and unhappiness between us, but I can tell you with certainty that she’s still my legally wedded wife.”



The journalists looked at each other, evidently confused by Jeremy’s answer.

Madeline was calm and unperturbed. However, at this moment, she was slightly moved.

She saw the confidence in Jeremy’s eyes and her heart started beating faster all of a sudden.

‘What did he say?

‘Did he just say that I’m still his legally wedded wife?’

Back then, he was the one who had forced her to sign the papers. How could she still be his legally wedded wife?

The strange atmosphere continued for a while. The journalist from just now asked cautiously, “Mr. Whitman, even if that’s the case, we hope that you can restrain your grief because Madeline Crawford passed away three years ago. I’m afraid—”

“I think you’ve made a mistake.” Jeremy interrupted the journalist. “My wife’s alive and well.”


The crowd was all taken aback. Then, they saw Jeremy walking away.

The journalists and onlookers around him tactfully made way for him.

They looked over to where Jeremy was looking and they saw Madeline standing in a distance.

Her figure was tall and slender while her face was graceful and gorgeous. If one remembered it correctly, this was how Madeline used to look.

However, she did not look as casual and simple like she did before. Not only did she look classier now, but she also had the air of a monarch around her.

The journalists knew that face too. Was she not the founder and designer of Miss L.ady, Vera Quinn?

Was Vera Quinn Madeline Crawford?

This conclusion appeared in everyone’s brains immediately.

After Madeline sensed something was wrong, it was too late for her to run away as Jeremy had already approached her.

His gaze was gentle while his tone was as soft as the spring breeze. “Maddie, I was wrong. I wronged you and made you suffer so much. I know it’s difficult for me to get your forgiveness, but I hope that you’ll still give me another chance to love you.”

The journalists swarmed toward her after they heard what Jeremy said. “Miss Vera, are you really Madeline Crawford?”

“I heard you passed away after you were diagnosed with a f***l illness. How did you come back safe and sound?”

“Meredith Crawford stole your identity and took everything that was supposed to be yours. What do you think of this?”

“Did you not divorce Mr. Whitman? If so, will you forgive Mr. Whitman?”

Madeline felt that the sudden wave of questions was too noisy.

Under the impatient gazes of everyone, she looked into Jeremy’s expectant eyes while remaining calm and undaunted.