Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 474

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 474 – “Daddy,” Jackson called out to him at this moment.

Jeremy looked over in surprise. The good-looking little guy walked over to him with a smile, his clear eyes looking more and more like Madeline’s.

Actually, during the three years of Madeline’s ‘passing’, he rarely heard Jackson calling him ‘Daddy’. Even if he did, his voice would sound lifeless and perfunctory unlike now.

“Daddy, you’re here as well? Do you want to celebrate my birthday with Mommy?”


Jeremy suddenly remembered that tomorrow was Jackson’s birthday.

Jackson was five, but from what he recalled, it seemed that he had never celebrated his birthday with him before.

“Jack, your father has to go now. Just tell him what you want to say to him next time,” Madeline walked over and said to Jackson with a smile. She was purposely saying that to Jeremy so that he would leave.

She turned around to look at the man, her eyes turning a few degrees colder. “You can leave now.”

Jeremy smiled bitterly. “I’m leaving, but Jack’s birthday tomorrow…”

“Birthday? Mr. Whitman, you’re such a good father.” Madeline interrupted him in a mocking tone with a sternness in her eyes. “You treat Meredith’s son like he’s a treasure, but what about mine? You’ve never asked about her and even asked someone to induce labor on me in p****n so that they could steal my child and make her a b*stard child. You threw her out like she was a broken shoe!

“It has been so many years and I’ve never met my child. When Meredith stole my corneas, I held the photo of the child Meredith gave to me like it was a treasure. Eventually, I found out it was just a stupid photo of a scenery!”

When Jeremy heard this, his heart started aching as much as Madeline’s.

He remembered seeing Madeline crying and kneeling on the roadside looking for a photo of a scenery. He did not understand why she treasured that postcard so much, but now he understood.

Meredith had lied to her saying that it was a photo of her child.

“Jeremy, tell me. What have I done wrong? Why did you guys treat me like that? I will never forgive you as long as I live. Get out now. Get out!”

Jeremy’s Adam’s apple bobbed soundlessly. He looked into Madeline’s eyes that were filled with anger, wanting to say something. However, he pressed his lips together again. “Maddie…”

“Get out!”

“Okay, I’ll go.” Jeremy did not say anything more. He turned around and walked away desolately. His back had never looked so lonely before.

Madeline took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

She should be lucky that the child was still alive.

The next day after Madeline sent Jackson to kindergarten, she went to the mall to buy a gift for Jackson. She wanted to give it to him tonight.

At the same time, she would also buy a gift for her child who she had never seen before.

‘Darling, I really hope that I can find you soon. I want to hug you and celebrate your birthday with you.’

When she was about to leave the mall with her shopping bags, she spotted a familiar face.

It was Rose.

After Rose and Jon testified against Meredith, they had vanished. Madeline did not think that they would appear now.

Madeline knew she would not get the whereabouts of her child from Meredith. However, Rose was different.

Rose had just sold off all of her jewelry. When she saw Madeline, she averted her gaze and ran away quickly as if she had done something bad.

“Rose!” Madeline chased after her quickly. When she saw Rose running to the street without looking at the traffic light, Madeline chased after her without hesitation.

At this moment, she was only thinking about her child who she had carried for ten months but did not have a chance to meet.

If Rose escaped, then she would lose an important clue.

At this moment, the traffic light opposite the zebra crossing turned green. A white car sped over to Madeline as it was trying to run a red light. When they saw that there was someone on the zebra crossing, it was too late.

When Madeline saw that the car was about to hit her, she heard someone yelling her name hysterically. “Eveline!”

Then, she heard a loud thud.