Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 464

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 464 – Madeline could understand his dissatisfaction. After all, how could reputation mend the pain and ache of a destroyed family?

Felipe turned around and looked at Madeline. The ominous glint in his eyes disappeared quickly and there was just gentleness left.

“Vera, from now on, everything will belong to us.”

Madeline smiled and nodded. “It’s yours. After all, it’s the Whitmans’ property. I never wanted to take over this company. Now that it’s back to you, it’s going back to its rightful owner.”

Felipe was shocked. “You don’t want any of this?”

“The thing I want the most right now is to see Jeremy dispirited while having nothing,” Madeline said and frowned as if she was in deep thought.

“However, I keep feeling like the reason why I could hack into Jeremy’s computer so easily to transfer the stocks and important information is that he’s purposely allowing me to do so.”

“You’re saying that he knows you’d do this but he didn’t stop you?” Felipe frowned.

Madeline was quiet. What Jeremy said that day kept replaying in her head. ‘The person I’ve loved this entire time is you.’

“Vera, Vera?”


Madeline came back to her senses as she lifted her head to look into Felipe’s gentle eyes.

Felipe asked in concern, “What are you thinking about?”

“Felipe, can you not touch Whitman Manor?” Madeline asked with a pleading tone.

Felipe frowned, looking at Madeline solemnly before grabbing her shoulders. “Vera, don’t be fooled by that old man. Back then, in order to get the Whitmans’ estate, he schemed to k**l my parents. It’s evident that he’s not a nice person.”

After Madeline heard that, she was silent.

‘Is Grandpa someone who’d do anything just to get what he wants?

‘If he is, then why did he care for an outsider like me so benevolently?

‘Even though he knows I’m back for revenge, he still supported me.’

“Vera.” Felipe’s gentle voice caressed her ear like the spring breeze.

When Madeline came back to her senses, Felipe was already holding her hands.

The man was smiling softly with his eyes filled with emotions.

“Vera, you keep saying that I saved you throughout these three years. However, you have no idea that you’re the one who saved me.”

“Hm?” Madeline did not understand what Felipe was saying.

Felipe did not explain much. He only held her hands gently with a gaze that was even more passionate than before.

“Now that everything’s been sorted, I only have one wish. I hope you can marry me and become my wife. I will cherish you and protect you in this lifetime. I’ll give the best to you and Lily. Vera, will you marry me?”

Madeline knew Felipe had liked her this entire time, but aside from gratitude and appreciation, she did not have any romantic feelings for him.

However, she had told herself that if Felipe were to propose one day, she would not reject him.

After pondering about this, Madeline came back to her senses.

Madeline smiled when she looked at Felipe’s expectant gaze.

Right as she was about to say yes, a stern and overbearing voice sounded from the office. “She doesn’t want to.”

Madeline was taken aback. Then, she lifted her gaze and saw Jeremy’s icy expression as he strode over to her domineeringly.