Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 457

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 457 – Daniel turned around and looked over as well. In the next second, he furrowed his brows together as his expression became grimmer.

Madeline did not know who was behind her, but from Ava and Daniel’s reactions, she could guess who it was.

At this moment, she heard a lot of people whispering among themselves. A few girls were even blushing when they saw Jeremy.

“That man is so handsome!”

“He looks like the president of Whitman Corporation!”

“I saw him online before! He’s Jeremy Whitman!”

Madeline placed her chopsticks down without batting an eyelid. She did not even turn around. “Ava, Dan, let’s just ignore those irrelevant people. Let’s change to another restaurant.”

Ava scowled at Jeremy who was walking over while clenching her fists. “Alright, I’ll listen to you, Maddie! Dan, let’s go!”

“Okay.” Daniel got up as well. Then, he peered at Jeremy in dissatisfaction with anger in his eyes.

Madeline grabbed her bag. When she turned around, she saw that Jeremy was already standing in front of her.

The man was still elegant and poised. His black leather jacket was stained with the coldness from the winter evening. However, his eyes did not have their usual coldness and were as warm as the spring breeze.

“I know you don’t want to see me now, but there’s one thing I have to tell you.” Jeremy’s voice was soft.

Madeline looked at Ava and Daniel before she smiled. “Ava, Dan, please wait for me.”

After she finished saying that, she did not look at Jeremy. She walked outside the shop and waited for him to follow her.

The wind of this winter night was so cold that it was penetrating their bones. Madeline stood under the streetlight, her delicate face looking exceptionally cold under the yellow light.

“Mr. Whitman, you possess such remarkable abilities. You can always pinpoint exactly where I am every single time. Why? Are you here to catch your wh*re of a wife in the act with her illicit lover like how you used to? However, you should remember that I have no relations with you anymore. You have no right to question who I’m with or what I’m doing.”

She mocked with a sarcastic smile on her face.

Jeremy heard her loud and clear. He also remembered the time he saw Madeline eating tacos with hot sauce by the food truck with Daniel. When he saw them together back then, he had felt extremely uncomfortable.

However, thinking back to that, he was jealous.

He did not understand that he was only disorientated before because he cared about her too much.

Now, everything was too late.

Jeremy hated himself in silence, but he was still looking at Madeline with such gentle eyes.

“Vera,” he called out to her. “Compared to Madeline Crawford or Eveline Montgomery, I think you would prefer to be Vera Quinn.”

Jeremy struck the target after he said that.

“Because you have such horrible memories as Madeline Crawford and Eveline Montgomery.”

“Is that what you want to say to me?” Madeline interrupted him coldly. She was annoyed. “Jeremy, stop harassing me. I don’t want to see you again. If you have time, you should visit Meredith in p****n. Don’t forget, she’s the love of your life.”

“I do have a woman I love in my heart for all these years, but she’s not Meredith.” Jeremy denied it. He walked over to Madeline and took out the colorful shell from his pocket.

When Madeline saw the shell, she was visibly shocked.

“I know you won’t believe me, but it’s true. The person I’ve loved this whole time is you.”


Madeline burst out laughing. Looking at the gorgeous face in front of her, her eyes started to turn cold from the wind.

“Me?” She scoffed in sarcasm. “If loving someone is forcing her to a d**d end, then your love is so extraordinary,” she said while lowering her head to look at that faded shell. She could feel tears well up in her eyes.

“Jeremy, when I gave you this shell, I genuinely hoped that you would be happy, but now, I would even dream about you suffering in pain.”

After she said that, Jeremy felt a sharp pang of pain that was akin to a million ants gnawing on his heart.

Madeline reached out her hand to take the shell. Then, she threw it at the bustling street that was filled with moving cars without hesitating. She turned around and did not even look at Jeremy from the corner of her eyes. As expected, she walked toward Ava and Daniel.