Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 443

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 443 – After Madeline said that, Karen’s face was flushed white. She widened her eyes in shock as she looked at the beautiful yet icy face in front of her in disbelief.

When Yvonne saw Karen’s pale and dumbfounded face, she was confused. She was even more confused with what Madeline had said just now.

“Aunt Karen, you…”

“W-What did you just say?” Karen ignored Yvonne. She reached out her finger and pointed to Madeline, saying, “Say that again. W-Who are you?”

Madeline leaned back on her chair nonchalantly when she saw Karen stammering in terror.

She lifted her eyebrow and stared straight at her.

“It happened here on that day. You said I could only become one of the Whitmans and marry Jeremy if the d**d could come back to life. Now, as a ‘d**d person’, I’m standing in front of you. How is it? Are you surprised?”


Karen felt her heart skip a beat. She stood up from the chair in terror. “Y-Y-You’re not Vera Quinn!”

Madeline smiled nonchalantly. “It’s only been three years. Did you forget me so quickly, my darling mother-in-law?”

“…” Karen stammered as she stared at Madeline.

Vera swayed her glamorous body and approached Karen slowly but with a powerful imposing manner emitting from her being.

Karen took a step back when Madeline took a step closer. Karen only stopped walking when her back hit the decorative shelf behind her.

“Stop getting closer to me!” Karen increased the octave of her voice, and her trembling tone was mixed with fear. “Get away from me!”

Madeline chuckled softly. “How are you going to see me clearly if I don’t get closer to you?”

“…” Karen peered at Madeline with the corner of her eyes in fear before averting her gaze quickly.

Madeline reached out her hand and grabbed Karen’s wrist. Then, she pulled Karen roughly over to her, forcing the woman to face her. “My dear mother-in-law, look closely at my face. Is it the same as the one you despise in your memory, huh?”


“Are you seeing me clearly? I’m the daughter-in-law you look down on, Madeline Crawford!”


Karen’s heartbeat accelerated. At this moment, she was completely petrified. She could not accept this. However, that face in front of her and those eyes that were covered with a layer of frost and dyed with flames of hatred were enough to prove that Vera Quinn was indeed Madeline Crawford!

When Yvonne heard that, her eyes widened in shock as well.

‘Madeline Crawford?

‘Jeremy’s ex-wife Madeline Crawford?

‘Didn’t she divorce Jeremy three years ago? Plus, Aunt Karen said that she has died.

‘If she’s d**d, how could she stand here alive and well?’

“M-Madeline… You’re really Madeline…” Karen asked lifelessly, her eyes filled with fear.

“I’m so sorry for making you feel happy for nothing.” Madeline released Karen’s wrist.

After her wrist was released, Karen scurried to hide behind Yvonne. She did not dare to look Madeline in the eye.