Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 44

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 44 – Madeline was heartbroken.

A million arrows to her heart would not be as horrible as this.

She would never forget that night. She was cruelly inducted into labor and had her child forcefully taken away from her.

Until now, she still did not know whether that child was a boy or a girl. Did the child look like her or more like Jeremy?

Madeline looked at Meredith’s Twitter account and saw her showing off furiously. She was showing off her expensive cars, her branded bags, and her reputable as well as famous biological parents. She was even showing off the cute son she had with Jeremy.

An evil woman like her had everything now.

On the contrary, she, Madeline, had nothing.

How ironic.

There had been a few instances when Madeline wanted to look for Jeremy. However, she realized she did not have the courage to do so.

She had been tortured mercilessly in p****n and it made her flinch at the very thought of it.

However, when she thought about her missing child, Madeline still took this step forward.

She stood in front of the mansion which she used to be the matriarch of and felt a certain bitterness in her heart. When she was about to press the doorbell, she saw Meredith walking out of the house.

She was dressed flashily and looked energetic yet arrogant. When she saw Madeline at the door, she stopped in her tracks with a hint of shock in her eyes. However, a pleased smile appeared on her face.

“I was wondering who it was. It’s my good sister. Why? When did you complete your reformation?”

She walked over in her high heels. Madeline wanted to vomit when she saw her disgusting smirk.

Madeline did not want to waste any time talking to her. “Give me back my child.”

She was frank. Meredith’s expression changed when she heard that. Then, her smirk became even wider.

“Your child?”

“Yes! My child! Give me back my child!”

“Your child is d**d,” Meredith answered nonchalantly. “Jeremy said your b*stard child is buried along with the baby I miscarried.”

Madeline’s vision went black for a few seconds. She felt as if her heart had been sliced in half, bleeding profusely now.

She grabbed Meredith’s collar in an emotional breakdown. “Nonsense! My child is definitely alive! Give me back my child! Give me back! I want to see Jeremy! Tell him to see me!”

“Madeline, you’re insane! Let me go. If not, you’re going to suffer the consequences!” Meredith warned. However, Madeline could not control herself anymore. Her eyes were red and she was holding the other woman even tighter.

Meredith could not breathe, so she called the security over.

Madeline wanted to ask about the whereabouts of her child, but she felt someone strike the back of her neck. Then, she lost consciousness and passed out.

After some time, Madeline was woken up by someone slapping her face furiously. The fiery pain caused her to slowly regain her consciousness.

Meredith had her arms crossed while towering over her. “Madeline, I guess you learned nothing from your three years in p****n,” she said profoundly and bent down to poke Madeline’s stomach.

“I heard you have a tumor here. It’ll worsen any time and take your life, right?” Her laugh was eerie. “A****k her! Especially this part!”

The hired thugs next to her had already been prepared. The moment Meredith gave her order, they started hitting Madeline’s entire body, especially the area where her tumor was.

Madeline curled her body into a ball, but she still could not hide from their punches. The pain from her lacerated flesh was nothing compared to Meredith saying, “Jeremy said your b*stard child is buried along with the baby I miscarried.”

‘My child…’